Ten Bridges Seven Churches No Stop Light

September 19, 2011 13:49 ET

700,000,000 Million Cars and Light Trucks Need Recalling

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2011) -

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Automotive engineers are sleeping at the wheel blinded by their own wipers.

Ring the Bells, Stop the Line, Re-Tool

Rodney Andrews, Ten Bridges Seven Churches No Stop Light is a series of grabbing stories of how small town people reach out and live the lives most people only dream of.

Follow Everett and Rose as they trigger the largest auto industry re-call.

Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai and all car owners will be running to the parking lot to check out their car or truck to see if they are a victim. You can sit and read the predictions and watch class action law suits, litigation, and lawyers plug court rooms. Millions of dollars and thousands of lives are at stake. Killer cars can be fixed.

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"Ten Bridges Seven Churches No Stop Light"
by Rodney Earl Andrews
Read the story! www.createspace.com/3592300

Watch the video, you may be excused to go out to the parking lot and see for yourself. You will never drive your car in the rain again without thanking Everett and Rose.

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Ten Bridges Seven Churches No Stop Light
by Rodney Earl Andrews

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