724 Solutions Inc.

724 Solutions Inc.

May 31, 2005 16:31 ET

724 Solutions Announces ``Database Free'' X-treme Mobility Gateway

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - May 31, 2005) -

724 Solutions' Innovation Paves the Way for Next-Generation Services by Simplifying Network Deployment and Further Reducing Total Cost of Ownership for Mobile Network Operators

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX) (TSX:SVN), a leading provider of next-generation IP-based network and data services, today announced that its X-treme Mobility Gateway (XMG) is now available with an option to be deployed without a database, offering an average additional direct savings to mobile network operators of up to 33%.

At the foundation of XMG, 724 Solutions' X-treme Framework provides a patented, fault-tolerant in-memory store, allowing XMG to manage all mobile data traffic in real time without deploying a dedicated database. Unlike other mobile access gateways, XMG can now provide a stateful, fault-tolerant gateway without the need for a database or third-party fault-tolerant hardware and software. XMG's in-memory store gives mobile operators, including mobile virtual network operators, the deployment flexibility to eliminate the costly database while offering the same quality of service, including persistent cookie management, access control, and push and other standard gateway services.

"As WAP and MMS traffic continues to grow, mobile operators are looking to reduce the cost per data transaction," said XJ Wang, Senior Analyst of Yankee Group. "724's in-memory store implementation will significantly reduce the cost of ownership and should be very compelling to mobile operators."

"Leveraging 724 Solutions' X-treme Framework, which provides massive scalability and fault tolerance and a platform with the flexibility to handle many protocols, XMG ensures that mobile network operators can adapt with the evolving requirements of the premium content data services marketplace, and provides a proven anchor point to bridge the gap between today's networks and tomorrow's third-generation networks," said Michael Luna, Chief Technology Officer of 724 Solutions. "We believe XMG's unique architecture, combined with Linux blade and database-free deployment flexibility, allows us to offer the industry's highest level of transaction performance per CPU with the lowest total cost of ownership."

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

724 Solutions believes the XMG database-free deployment provides the industry's lowest total cost of ownership for a carrier-grade gateway deployment. Mobile network operators can now eliminate the costs associated with dedicated database hardware, software license fees and data center footprint. 724 Solutions estimates that the elimination of the database can result in up to a 50% reduction in hardware costs and a 33% to 50% reduction in software licensing costs.

Network Simplification, Flexibility in Deployment and 3G Ready

724 Solutions' XMG also allows mobile network operators to start simplifying their data network, by facilitating the move away from the past approach of maintaining dedicated data services infrastructure by data delivery method. XMG can be deployed database-free or can interface with a network-centralized database, enabling enforcement of authorization and routing rules shared by all applications in the network. The flexibility of the architecture to allow the addition of new protocols and service-based components with carrier-grade reliability allows XMG to meet the new challenges of 3G networks.

Enhanced End User Experience

Data services that rely on a single platform for subscriber information can provide a more harmonized end user experience than data services that rely on multiple distinct platforms. Mobile network operators can then utilize this subscriber information across a variety of access methods to offer valuable, personalized voice and data services, referred to as blended services.

About XMG

XMG is a globally deployed open and secure, massively scalable, highly fault-tolerant WAP and mediation gateway proven in geographically distributed environments, providing seamless inter- and intra-site fail over. XMG is available for Unix, Solaris or Linux operating system, giving mobile network operators total control of their cost strategies associated with the roll out of data services. 724 Solutions' X-treme Framework is the core foundation of the X-treme Mobility Suite. The X-treme Framework provides a high-speed, low-latency object request broker and inter-process communications layer in an extensible component based architecture. Designed for the needs of the carrier environment, the framework's fast-failure detection and fault tolerant communications features provide the carrier class reliability requirements for supporting services in both today's and the next-generation networks.

For more information, visit http://www.724.com.

About 724 Solutions

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX) (TSX:SVN) delivers reliable, scalable technology and solutions that allow mobile network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next-generation IP-based network and data services. Additionally, in conjunction with mobile operator partners, the company provides a series of actionable alerting solutions to enterprises to assist them in lowering operating costs and improving customer relationship management. 724 Solutions is a global company with development operations in Canada and Switzerland with its corporate office in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, visit http://www.724.com.

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