724 Solutions Inc.

724 Solutions Inc.

July 11, 2005 08:31 ET

724 Solutions Announces X-treme Service Activity Manager - Sentinel Edition; Comprehensive Solution Protects Subscribers from Harmful or Unwanted Age-Sensitive Content

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Jul 11, 2005) -

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX)(TSX:SVN), a leading provider of next-generation IP-based network and data services, today announced the availability of the X-treme Service Activity Manager (XSAM) - Sentinel Edition, for mobile network operators to dynamically filter age-sensitive content being requested by or pushed to subscribers.

724's XSAM - Sentinel Edition provides a comprehensive suite of network and application security functions that, when combined with a broadly deployed trusted media classification system, protects subscribers from accessing or retrieving harmful or unwanted content.

XSAM - Sentinel Edition's message router authenticates messages or requests and applies network-based filters such as black listing. Requests at this level can be denied, allowed, or handed off for further processing. Requests that have been allowed are forwarded to the next network element while rejected requests are logged and may result in a configurable notification to the subscriber. Requests for age-sensitive content are processed by the high-performance workflow engine to apply the business logic that is associated with the service, controlling access to content at the application level. XSAM - Sentinel Edition determines the suitability for delivery to the subscriber in the same session context based on subscriber information, session state, and available content classification information, ultimately preventing users from accessing unsuitable content based on their preferences or their profile (e.g., age).

"Protection of subscribers from unwanted and potentially harmful content is an important aspect of growing premium content services revenues," said Adam Zawel, Director of Wireless U.S. research at the Yankee Group. "The XSAM - Sentinel Edition takes the right approach to access control, addressing all access methods and billing mechanisms."

"Mobile operators face the challenge of growing their premium data services revenue and evolving their service delivery architecture to protect their brand and sustain subscriber goodwill," said John Sims, Chief Executive Officer of 724 Solutions. "724's XSAM - Sentinel Edition enables service providers to deploy a safe and trusted environment for rich media and content services."

Trusted Service Environment

With XSAM - Sentinel Edition, mobile network operators can create a trusted environment beyond the boundaries of their network, giving subscribers protection against unwanted and harmful content or access to inappropriate content. The solution's powerful business logic is based on a set of activities, re-usable across workflows, which define the various premium services being offered to subscribers. These activities' functions can vary from age verification through a subscriber database lookup to content provider barring or content classification retrieval.

Data ARPU Growth

With XSAM - Sentinel Edition, mobile network operators can responsibly extend their premium content strategies and offerings beyond their walled garden and comply with proposed legislation related to the distribution of age-sensitive material.

Flexible Deployment Options

With XSAM - Sentinel Edition, mobile network operators can respond quickly to premium service, subscriber, and market requirements with either in-network, hosted, or managed service deployment options. In addition to quick time-to-market, these various deployment options provide all mobile network operators, regardless of size, a cost-effective way to become a trusted source of premium content.

About XSAM - Sentinel Edition

724's XSAM - Sentinel Edition is based on 724's proven XSAM solution, which standardizes and automates the lifecycle management of content services, enabling mobile operators and third-party content providers to rapidly create, manage, and deliver a rich portfolio of advanced WAP, J2ME, HTTP, MMS, and SMS-based mobile data services. The solution routes traffic and manages transactions between content providers, mobile operators, and subscribers through its powerful workflow engine to execute mobile network operator policies on those transactions. XSAM - Sentinel Edition is a comprehensive solution, consolidating premium services management and control into one location to manage service and apply configurable access control and filtering rules. A message router based on 724 Solutions' patented X-treme Framework, optimizes the delivery path of premium services.

About 724 Solutions

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX)(TSX:SVN) delivers reliable, scalable technology and solutions that allow mobile network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next-generation IP-based network and data services. Additionally, in conjunction with mobile operator partners, the company provides a series of actionable alerting solutions to enterprises to assist them in lowering operating costs and improving customer relationship management. 724 Solutions is a global company, with development operations in Canada and Switzerland, and its corporate office in Santa Barbara. For more information, visit www.724.com.

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