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September 13, 2016 08:00 ET

7Park Data Releases TV Intelligence to Provide Insights Into Consumer Preferences for Content Consumption

New TV Intelligence Product Equips Entertainment Industry With Unique, Real-Time Insight Amid Dramatic Shift in Consumer Behavior

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 13, 2016) - 7Park Data, a leading consumer insight platform, today released TV Intelligence, a new product offering insights into consumer preferences for non-traditional video content including on-demand and over-the-top content (OTT). Leveraging 7Park Data's platform, which anonymizes, aggregates and contextualizes users' viewing behaviors, the product provides the most accurate data on consumers' use of new streaming services to the entertainment industry as it seeks to optimize content strategies.

The release of TV Intelligence arrives as the viewing habits of consumers are rapidly changing. Whether "cutting the cord" or increasingly turning to streaming providers to binge-watch their favorite programs, viewers are abandoning traditional content consumption patterns. As a result, legacy research models cannot provide the broader entertainment industry with the behavioral insights they need to make critical business decisions in an increasingly competitive market.

"The entertainment industry is undergoing rapid change, driven by competition from mobile, the preference to view content on-demand on any device and the explosion of scripted television content," said Brian Lichtenberger, CEO and co-founder of 7Park Data. "Emerging media and technology companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat and Hulu, have been able to capitalize on this shift through deep, data-driven insight into their own user's consumption habits. The broader industry has been left in the dark, reliant on outdated and ineffective research methods focused on linear, ad supported viewing metrics. TV Intelligence will fill a clear decision-making gap for studios, analysts and producers who have long been forced to make critical business decisions without meaningful understanding of consumers' true interests, preferences or behaviors."

Authoritative Data-Driven Insights from TV Intelligence

7Park Data's TV Intelligence provides insights into the viewing habits of individuals and households from a panel of millions of users. TV Intelligence leverages 7Park Data's proprietary insights platform that contextualizes anonymous viewing data from one million OTT subscribers and set-top box viewing and time spent data from more than two million US households.

  • OTT vs Linear Viewing Behaviors: Monitor time spent at the household level for both linear and OTT viewership in US households, showing the impact of streaming on traditional TV.
  • Granular Viewing Analysis: Analyze viewership for individual episodes, seasons, genres and titles across OTT platforms, including how library content fares against original content and viewer preferences for particular studios, content creators or production houses.
  • Genre Analysis: Determine catalog and viewing levels, including original and library content at a genre level and monitor rising and declining sub-genres.
  • Geographical Analysis: Understand popularity and preferences from viewers across 100+ global markets.

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Powered by real-time behavioral data from more than one billion global consumers, 7Park Data is the trusted source of consumer and business insights for industry-leading global businesses. Our proprietary insights platform contextualizes anonymous viewing, mobile, web and purchasing data-collected in real-time from more than one billion consumers across 100+ countries-with in-house expert analysis to deliver unprecedented clarity into marketplace trends, evolving customer preferences, and investment opportunities. Data-driven businesses depend on 7Park Data intelligence for more accurate benchmarking, forecasting, and strategic decision making. 7Park Data was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit

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