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August 24, 2017 11:02 ET

7Park Data Unveils Streaming Audience Intelligence To Provide In-Depth Analysis Of Viewer Behavior On Netflix And Hulu

New Offering Provides Networks And Studios With Demographic And Cohort-Level Viewership Data, Enabling Smarter Decisions About Content Strategy, Development, And Licensing

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 24, 2017) - 7Park Data, the technology company providing data, tools, and insights for effective benchmarking, customer segmentation, and competitive analysis today announced the launch of Streaming Audience Intelligence, a significant enhancement to its industry-leading Streaming product. Streaming Audience Intelligence enables segmentation of streaming video viewers by what they watch, and the creation of custom audiences based on demographics, region, and more.

Powered by real-time data from a global panel of more than one million streaming viewers, Streaming Audience Intelligence allows content owners, creators, and distributors to view and analyze the preferences of key audience segments, including heavy and light viewers, new or legacy subscribers, fans of specific titles or genres and demographic groups defined by age, gender, and location. This never-before-seen analysis offers entertainment industry executives a powerful new tool to understand how audiences behave within and across platforms, to make better decisions about what content to create, how to license it, and when and where to distribute it.

Streaming Audience Intelligence -- a new way to understand streaming entertainment viewers

  • Build viewer demographic profiles. Find new distribution opportunities for content based on behavior of different demographic groups as defined by: age, sex, location and more.
    • Did you know: Millennial women are twice as likely as millennial men to be viewers of 13 Reasons Why, Friends, and Grey's Anatomy
  • Build viewer preference profiles. Track popular content to discover which titles breed loyal, engaged viewers, to leverage opportunities to grow audience size, and mitigate attrition.
    • Did you know: On Netflix, among viewers of the extremely popular acquired title The Office, the next most popular shows are Parks and Recreation and the original series 13 Reasons Why
  • Determine audience size. Better assess performance and negotiate licensing agreements with data about content penetration domestically and abroad, at premiere and over time.
    • Did you know: Saturday Night Live and South Park had the greatest number of viewers on Hulu over the past year; The Handmaid's Tale was the leading drama. On Netflix, hour-long originals are more popular than half-hour comedies: Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why were watched by more Netflix viewers than any other show.
  • Identify key audience segments. Increase revenue and content consumption by targeting the most valuable streaming segments, whether that's late adopters, heavy bingers, families with children, "superfans", and others.
    • Did you know: Friends viewers, including heavy bingers on Netflix, are twice as likely to watch The Office when compared to the average Netflix viewer

"While streaming services have experienced significant viewership growth and industry acclaim, availability of viewership data for SVOD services like Hulu and Netflix has been severely limited. Streaming Intelligence offers customers a suite of tools to better understand audiences and content performance, and the addition of Streaming Audience Intelligence enables customers to analyze specific audience behaviors, as defined by a number of custom parameters," said Rishit Shah, Chief Product Officer at 7Park Data. "Streaming Audience Intelligence is a major leap forward for the entertainment industry because it sheds light on a valuable part of the entertainment world that is increasingly important yet has been frustratingly opaque."

Since launching Streaming Intelligence in September 2016, 7Park Data has become the leading source for SVOD viewership data and has rapidly expanded its entertainment industry footprint, which now includes the world's most recognizable cable and satellite networks, production studios, distributors, and more.

"The A+E Research team has partnered with 7Park Data to access behavioral information on Netflix and Hulu in order to better understand the performance of content (show specific and genre) in an ecosystem that is rapidly evolving with consumers tastes and technology," said Don Robert, executive vice president of research and insight at A+E Networks.

"We are excited that A+E Networks -- which owns television channels including A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime, and more -- is among the growing number of entertainment industry leaders that now utilize Streaming Intelligence data to make better content decisions," Shah added. "We will continue to expand the Streaming Intelligence portfolio in order to better serve A+E Networks and all of our customers."

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