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July 18, 2011 07:00 ET

8 Tips for a Bright, Comfortable Smile by Dr. Askari, a Leading Cosmetic Dentist at Comfort Dental Spa

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FARMINGTON HILLS, MI--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2011) - People want a bright smile with healthy teeth and freedom from pain. "A healthier mouth lowers the risk of future health issues and leads to a longer life," says Dr. Askari of Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan, devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of each smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures. She shares 8 innovative tips for a bright and comfortable smile (below). Comfort Dental Spa is also hosting the first ever "Best Smile" Contest on Facebook; hundreds of people are participating. Visit to select the best smile; winners receive $5,000 in prizes.

"We desire to help Michigan residents acquire the healthiest, brightest smile, very comfortably," says Dr. Askari, whose Comfort Dental Spa specializes in advanced, pain-free dentistry.

8 Tips for a Bright and Comfortable Smile:

  • Consider Laser Dentistry - Lasers replaced conventional surgical methods in medicine, and similarly, laser dentistry is the new standard of dental care yet investment in training, time and money means only 5 to 6% of dentists utilize laser. "Laser is far less invasive and results in less swelling, offering far more comfort and faster healing," says Dr. Askari. Without side effects, targeted laser treats gum disease and helps with surgeries and cosmetic contouring of gums, teeth, and bones. Used after surgery, it brings blood flow and relief to sore areas of the mouth kept open during procedures and is highly effective in TMJ/TMD treatment.

  • Experience Sedation - For those fearing or anxious about dental work, sedation is a wonderful solution. "Fear of the dentist is usually rooted in a bad childhood experience. We've come a long way from the days when a simple filling or extraction meant excruciating pain. The trend is towards easing patients' anxieties while providing a comfortable experience, and focusing on emotional well-being with the physical," says Dr. Askari. Sedation enables most dental treatments to be completed in one visit with complete relaxation and virtually pain-free.

  • Acquire Pain Relief - Thousands of people suffer from facial pain due to TMD, migraines, and other headaches, and sadly most are misdiagnosed and ailing. Dr. Askari correlates migraines and TMJ; research shows that 60-70% of migraines may be related to TMJ. The common TMJ causes are incorrect bite placing pressure on teeth, and problems with jaw bones and muscles. Neuromuscular science evaluates a patient's bite in slow motion, learns how much pressure is applied, how different signals are sent, and how parts are interacting. Many patients have experienced complete and permanent relief from Dr. Askari's unique treatment which is a combination of lasers, massage, bio stimulation, bite correction and micro current therapy.

  • Whiten Teeth Long-Term Without Sensitivity - Many people have negative experiences from quick teeth whitening, including increased teeth sensitivity and darkened teeth within a few days. Dr. Askari utilizes a far more advanced whitening procedure "KoR Whitening" which has proven to be most effective. This conditioning procedure is far more long-lasting, teeth are guaranteed to be far brighter and to not return to the original shade.

  • Wear a Mouth Guard - Clenching teeth while working out, lifting weights, and sleeping leads to tooth wear and chipping, TMJ and aesthetic issues. Dr. Askari suggests a specialized mouth guard to eliminate these problems, specifically Under Armor Mouth Guard.

  • Avoid Acidic or Sugary Drinks - "Acidic and sugary drinks make the teeth more prone to cavities and actually dissolve the tooth structure, which results in future problems," says Dr. Askari. Thus, avoid these beverages, and if you drink them, be sure to brush immediately afterward.

  • Preventative Measures at Home - "What you do at home every day is what counts the most," says Dr. Askari. Thus, by brushing and flossing daily, you will regularly remove debris and bacteria, which will lead to the health of your mouth and body.

  • Get Regular Checkups and Cleanings - Treat problems right away, when the problem is small, the fix is small. Thus, schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings to maintain bright teeth and a healthy mouth.

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Dr. Aziza Askari and Comfort Dental Spa are located in Farmington Hills, MI, and can be reached at 248.474.6434 and online at Dr. Askari believes, "It's all about the patient," and this highly-regarded doctor holds an advanced degree from University of Michigan and a fellowship in the AGD.

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