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September 16, 2013 09:52 ET

8% Unsecured Bonds due 2020 Admitted to Trading on ISDX Growth Market

                                                                                          16 September 2013
                                          AFH FINANCIAL GROUP PLC
                                         ("AFH" or the "Company")

                   8% Unsecured Bonds due 2020 Admitted to Trading on ISDX Growth Market
AFH  Financial  Group  PLC,  a  leading independent financial advisory  ("IFA")  and  discretionary  wealth
management  firm, is pleased to announce that GBP 752,000 8% Unsecured Bonds due 2020 (the "Bonds")  issued
by  the Company (the "Bond Issue") have today been admitted to trading on the ISDX Growth Market under  the
ticker symbol AFHB.

The  proceeds of the Bond Issue, together with the proceeds from the issue of ordinary shares announced  on
21 August 2013, will be used to provide additional working capital for the Company and to finance potential
future acquisitions.

      The Directors of AFH Financial Group PLC are responsible for the contents of this announcement.
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Additional Information

An  Information Memorandum containing the full terms of the Bonds is available at the Company's  website  - - and via

A  change  has  been  made  to  the Information Memorandum to correct the description  of  the  legislation
governing the manner in which interest on the Bonds will be paid. The amended paragraph A.1 on page  27  of
the Information Memorandum now reads as follows:

"Subject  to the paragraph below, payments of interest on the Bonds will be subject to deduction of  United
Kingdom  Income Tax (currently 20 per cent. in the 2013-2014 tax year) because the Bonds are  "admitted  to
trading"  rather  than "listed" on a Recognised Stock Exchange within the meaning of section  1005  of  the
Income Tax Act 2007 (the Act).  Provided, therefore, that the Bonds remain admitted to trading rather  than
listed,  interest on the Bonds will be payable after withholding or deduction on account of United  Kingdom
tax.  Interest  on the Bonds will also be paid after withholding or deduction on account of United  Kingdom
tax  where  interest on the Bonds is paid by the Issuer and, at the time the payment is  made,  the  Issuer
reasonably  believes (and any person by or through whom interest on the Bonds is paid reasonably  believes)
that the beneficial owner is within the charge to United Kingdom corporation tax as regards the payment  of
interest.  In other cases, an amount must generally be withheld from payments of interest on the  Bonds  on
account  of  United  Kingdom  Income Tax at the basic rate (currently 20  per  cent.).  However,  where  an
applicable double tax treaty provides for a lower rate of withholding tax (or for no tax to be withheld) in
relation  to a Bondholder, HMRC can issue a notice to the Issuer to pay interest to the Bondholder  without
deduction  of  tax (or for interest to be paid with tax deducted at the rate provided for in  the  relevant
double  tax  treaty). Bondholders may wish to note that, in certain circumstances, HMRC has  the  power  to
obtain information (including the name and address of the beneficial owner of the interest) from any person
in  the  United Kingdom who either pays or credits interest to or receives interest for the  benefit  of  a
Bondholder.  Information  so obtained may, in certain circumstances, be exchanged  by  HMRC  with  the  tax
authorities of the jurisdiction in which the Bondholder is resident for tax purposes."

The  Directors  of  the Company, being Alan Hudson, John Wheatley and Toby Denne (the "Directors"),  accept
responsibility  for the information contained in the Information Memorandum. To the best of  the  knowledge
and  belief  of  the Directors, who have taken all reasonable care to ensure that such  is  the  case,  the
information  contained  in the Information Memorandum is in accordance with the facts  and  does  not  omit
anything likely to affect the import of such information.

The  ISDX  Growth Market, which is operated by ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Limited, a recognised
investment  exchange, is a market designed primarily for emerging or smaller companies to  which  a  higher
investment risk tends to be attached than to larger or more established companies. It is not classified  as
a  Regulated  Market under EU financial services law and ISDX Growth Market securities are not admitted  to
the  Official List of the United Kingdom Listing Authority. A prospective investor should be aware  of  the
risks  of  investing  in ISDX Growth Market securities and should make the decision to  invest  only  after
careful  consideration and, if appropriate, consultation with an independent financial  adviser  authorised
under  the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 who specialises in advising on the acquisition of shares
and other securities.

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