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July 03, 2012 11:30 ET

80% of U.S. Advertisers Say Facebook Is Less Important Than Rest of Web

33Across Survey Captures Sentiment Changes Regarding Facebook Post-IPO

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 3, 2012) -  33Across, operators of the largest social and interest graph in the world, reaching over a billion users globally, today released the results from its "Advertiser and Agency Survey," that captures evolving attitudes about Facebook and the "Rest of Web," particularly around big data and social media.

Conducted in June 2012, it follows on the heels of a survey from March 2012, in which 33Across asked identical questions of its clients. The new survey was taken in order to gauge the changing attitudes and spend around Facebook vs. Rest of Web. Full survey results are available below.

 Key Findings:

  • In the new survey, over 70% of respondents said that they focus 80% of their attention on "Rest of Web" (ROW) vs. Facebook, a 23% increase from March.
  • Moreover, when asked "Do you see your Facebook spend changing vis-à-vis the rest of the web?" five and half times as many respondents -- relative to the number from the pre-IPO survey -- asserted that they were planning on "decreasing [their] Facebook spend." 
  • Additionally, the number of people who said they are very concerned about "understanding and driving ROI from big data" rose from 91% to 96%. And, the number of people who said they are concerned about integrating that data jumped from 73% to 82%. 

Arguably, the most unexpected finding was the recent shift by marketers from Facebook towards advertising on Rest of Web. Respondents represented multiple verticals including Automotive, CPG, Financial Services, Retail, and Travel. 

"What was particularly surprising to me was the dramatic shift in advertiser and agency attitudes towards Facebook after the IPO," said Allie Kline, Chief Marketing Officer, 33Across. "Facebook's future greatly depends on advertiser spend -- on both the web and mobile devices -- and this survey indicates that they have some work to do to restore advertiser confidence in their Facebook investments."

Detailed Survey Results:
When thinking about Facebook versus the rest of the web, which gets more of your team's attention?

Facebook: ROW June 2012 March 2012
80:20 4% 0%
60:40 11% 7%
50:50 4% 16%
40:60 11% 16%
20:80 71% 58%

Over 70% said that they now focus 80% of their attention on ROW vs. FB, a 23% increase from March. Over 80% said that ROW now gets more of their team's attention, an 11% increase from March.

How concerned are you about the following?

  Participants Who Were
"Very Concerned"
June 2012 March 2012
  Integrating Cross-Channel Data 82% 73%
  Understanding and Driving ROI from Big Data 96% 91%

Advertising Categories that Participants Worked Within*

  Industry June 2012 March 2012
  Automotive 11% 23%
  CPG 39% 29%
  Entertainment 21% 36%
  Finance/Insurance 29% 23%
  Retail 43% 29%
  Technology 32% 10%
  Travel 18% 16%
  Others 14% 16%

*Note: Participants could select more than one industry.

This multiple-choice online survey was distributed to 2,200 brand marketers and advertising agency representatives. It was conducted and the results were analyzed and validated for statistical significance in April and again in June 2012. All answers were quantitative.

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