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August 31, 2010 11:58 ET

82% of Kids Polled by Scholastic News Are Concerned About the Gulf Oil Spill and Damage to the Environment

Scholastic Publishes "Insta-Book" About the Disaster as Kid Reporters Present a Special Report About Gulf Recovery Efforts

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 31, 2010) -  Scholastic Inc. (NASDAQ: SCHL) -- As millions of children return to school, the Gulf Oil Spill and its aftermath provide a very teachable moment that is relevant to today's environmentally interested kids. In a recent poll of 3,200 kids on the Scholastic News Online website, 82% say they are concerned about the oil spill, and 48% say they are most concerned about its effect on the animals and Gulf ecosystems.* To help parents and teachers explain the events and recovery efforts, Scholastic Book Clubs has released an "insta-book" titled "Oil Spill: Disaster in the Gulf." Additionally, the Scholastic Kids Press Corps reports on recovery efforts in a Special Report.

The "insta-book," published in just two months by the editors of Scholastic Book Clubs, details many aspects of the oil spill, from the initial blowout to the environmental damage that followed. The book also helps kids understand why this event is significant and explains what oil is used for and where it comes from. The book is now available through Scholastic Book Clubs September Lucky/Arrow flyers and through retail book stores. Scholastic Book Clubs plan to give more than 200,000 copies of the book to teachers for free as part a special back to school promotion.

"Nonfiction books are invaluable because they connect children to their world. For 90 years Scholastic has been explaining the contemporary world to kids, and when catastrophe struck in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year, we knew we must have a book on the subject in time for back to school," said David Allender, Editorial Director of Scholastic Book Clubs. "'Oil Spill: Disaster in the Gulf' was published in a record two months and was thoroughly vetted by experts to accurately explain the events in the Gulf and why they happened. The book is a great learning tool and supports curriculum needs in so many ways, including inspiring kids to conduct their own inquiries into the science of energy."

In addition, Scholastic's Kids Press Corps. launched a Recovery Special Report featuring stories from across the country including videos and blog posts from Scholastic's Kid Reporters, giving a "for kids, by kids" perspective on the topic. Coverage includes reports on kids helping with the cleanup, a behind the scenes look at the BP/U.S. Coast Guard Joint Command Center, and an interview with a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in New Jersey about studying long-term damage from the spill.

"What many kids might not realize is that this disaster has a bigger impact on us than on adults. We are the future, and the oil spill is affecting our future," said Chloe Conway, a Scholastic Kid Reporter who has covered the oil spill. "It took a long time to cap the well, and it will take many years for most of the oil to be removed from the ocean, which in the meantime will continue to negatively affect the environment."

As more schools go back into session this fall, many teachers will be distributing the September student issues of Scholastic Classroom Magazines which will feature special articles and interviews about the Oil Spill. In addition, at Scholastic News Online®, a comprehensive recap of the coverage since day one of the disaster is available now. Topics span from the initial disaster to the impact on animals during the spill and the response by cleanup crews.

The Scholastic Kids Press Corps Special Report, at, will continue to be updated with the most recent information about recovery efforts.

*poll was conducted online among children who visit the Scholastic News Online website and results are directional in nature.

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