8D Technologies Inc.

8D Technologies Inc.

October 09, 2008 10:30 ET

8D Technologies' World Leading Eco-Friendly, Solar Powered Municipal Parking Payment Solution Now Drives North America's Most Innovative, Self-Service, Bicycle Rental System

Montreal's bicycle rental system is the first to be managed together with street parking, through the same wireless payment terminals - that could also interconnect with public transit systems - answering the need for integrated solutions to control traffic congestion and pollution.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2008) - 8D Technologies is proud to announce that its advanced multifunctional wireless payment system is now also used to manage bicycle rentals in the course of an innovative project, BIXI(i), announced by the City of Montreal at the end of September. Montreal is one of the first cities in North America to offer a bike-share program to its citizens in most central areas, as a complement to public transit and an alternative to cars. Thanks to 8D's unique technology, it is the only one to provide easy payment of street parking and bicycle rental through a single network of intelligent terminals. In Europe, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, and Munich already operate successful bike sharing systems.

8D is the only technology provider to offer a system that can manage both parking and bicycle rental from a single network of interrelated payment terminals. Other connections, with transit systems for instance, could be implemented very quickly, opening the way for new, eco-friendly, integrated solutions, such as a single user card for all transit solutions and public parking. Even more unique, 8D's terminals are 100% solar powered and wireless. The future of cities lies in integrated multimodal transportation and 8D provides all the capacities required to achieve this goal in a very short timeframe.

Montreal currently has the world's largest pay by space installation with close to 1,700 pay stations, based on 8D's platform. Commercialized worldwide, 8D's solution is already being used in several North American cities and the integrated 'multimodal' version (with bike sharing) is drawing strong interest from an impressive number of large cities on all continents.

The Montreal pilot project offers 40 self-service, exclusively designed BIXI bikes available at four stations provided by 8D. Users can rent a bicycle from one station and leave it later at the most convenient point of the network. 8D's solution includes the solar-based pay stations which process all payment functions (cash and electronic) as well as the locking and unlocking of bicycles at docking facilities, and also manages all interactions and monitoring within the network.

The current trial will be followed by a large scale installation of 2,400 bicycles and 300 8D pay stations in the spring of 2009. Stationnement de Montreal is in charge of the project. Images and details at: http://www.publicbikesystem.com

(i) BIXI is derived from BIcycle and taXI.


8D is a world leader in the development of the most advanced, intelligent wireless, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), multi-function point of sale (POS) solutions. Its unique award-winning city parking system (8D APMS™) features 100% solar-powered wireless terminals that can manage both street parking and the emerging municipal bike rental services, from a single network of user-friendly pay stations. The system can easily interconnect with public transit systems, answering the need for green, integrated solutions to control traffic congestion and pollution. POS terminals combine online payment with endless capacities for point of sale marketing - show tickets, rebate coupons, advertising, etc. - and information providing, in a totally autonomous solar device that performs perfectly in the most difficult climates. 8D's solution features real time wireless payment and remote control as well as management of all terminal functions, from payment to enforcement - and full monitoring of terminals and sensors - in wired and wireless environments. At 8D Technologies, "Terminals are just the beginning..."

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