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July 01, 2008 10:14 ET

9 in 10 Americans Say U.S. Too Dependent on Foreign Oil and Many Predict SUVs Will Travel by the Way Side, According to American Pulse

More Brown Bags in the Break Room at Work

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - With 90.7% of Americans saying the United States is too dependent on foreign oil, it's no surprise that they are open to the idea of oil exploration, according to the June American Pulse Survey of 4,082 respondents. 67.1% say "drill away" when asked if they would allow drilling in non-residential oil reserves if it would dramatically decrease the price of gas.

However, with no gas price relief in sight, 40.2% of Americans forecast that automakers will end up nixing the production of sport utility vehicles, while close to 20% say the Government will step in and regulate them. On the flip side, some (12.2%) see a silver lining and think SUVs will get more popular as price to purchase decreases.

One way consumers are coping with the economic climate is by packing their lunch more often. Over a third of workers (36.7%) say they are doing so since more than a year ago. Beauticians, salons and even maids may feel the impact as consumers are also deferring luxury services: haircuts (27.5%), hair color (14.6%), manicures/pedicures (14.2%) and maids (4.9%).

Other key findings:

--  Americans think it will take about three years for the U.S. to rebound
--  As a result of the recent tomato scare, over a quarter (27.3%) of
    Americans will be putting on their gardening hats this summer and growing
    their own vegetables.
--  With the airlines starting to charge for an ever-growing list of
    services, Americans who travel by air say they are most willing to pay for
    meals (26.6%), beverages (18.9%) and seat assignment (13.2%).

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