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September 11, 2007 05:00 ET

9-11 Anniversary Healing Is the Subject of Australian Hynotherapist Radio & TV Interviews in U.S. & Canada

Dr. Rick Collingwood, an Australian Hypnotherapist, Is Visiting New York and Will Offer His Unique Hypnotherapy That Has Helped Hundreds of People Manage Pain and Suffering on This Sixth Anniversary of the Twin Towers Tragedy

NEW YORK, NY and HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - September 11, 2007) - As America remembers the anniversary of 9-11, surviving families and victims of the Twin Towers tragedy can take advantage of radio interviews over WOR AM radio, Thursday morning, September 13th, on the Joey Bishop Show (2 AM), which will feature Australian Phenomenon and Hypnotherapist Dr. Rick Collingwood. "People can create positive healing connections, and to bring their conscious mind into harmony with their subconscious mind, which regulates the healing mechanisms of the body," said Collingwood, who has sold more than 400,000 CDs, and he has a 80 percent success rate with most of his clinical patients.

Dr. Collingwood said, "People who are hurting inside, even after six years, need to heal and feel well again." Dr. Collingwood is the founder of the Australian Academy of Hypnosis, and has produced a unique series of "Personal Hypnotherapy Life Improvement" CDs that helps manage pain, and communicate directly with any deep level of the inner self. The "Mind Body Healing" CD is formatted to "create positive healing connections and to bring your body into harmony with your subconscious mind," which Dr. Collingwood says "regulates all of the healing mechanisms of the body."

The Australian hypnotherapist has appeared on "ABC Good Morning America," "A Current Affair," the KTLA Morning News show and numerous other radio and TV talk shows. He heads The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and has trained more than 700 therapists in correct and effective use of his unique therapeutic hypnosis styles. "You can change your life while you sleep with my newly developed neurosonic frequency," explained Collingwood.

Dr. Collingwood is sharing his breakthroughs in hypnotherapy with stops in Los Angeles, New York and Canada. Among the new releases of CD titles, the "Fear and Panic Free" CD promises to break habitual fear patterns, minimize anxiety and alleviate panic attacks. Another CD new release that would help thousands of 9-11 victims is the "PTSD and Anxiety" CD. It promises to minimize the negative emotional effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, along with "Loss, Grief and Depression."

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