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March 02, 2011 12:55 ET

94 East/Legendary Prince Guitar Tracks to Be Released as Ringtones

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - The groundbreaking group 94 East, whose early albums include historic first performances by Prince, André Cymone and other gifted Minneapolis musicians, announced today that it is releasing a 35th anniversary commemorative CD featuring Prince on guitar. This extraordinary release represents Prince's first time in the studio and the beginning of his legendary work with Pepé Willie and his group, 94 East. In honor of the anniversary, the Reo Deo Music Group is also releasing 10 remarkable ringtones from the CD, including the earliest Prince guitar tracks. The official release date is April 5.

"The Cookhouse Five, Original 1975 Session," will be digitally distributed by Entertainment One and be available on iTunes and other major digital service providers. All 5 songs feature 17-year-old Prince on guitar. The songs are "If We Don't," "If You See Me," "I'll Always Love You," "Games," "Better Than You Think." In recognition of its historical significance, Pepé Music Inc. donated the original mastered Cookhouse Five CD to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to include in its new Library & Archives facility. The CD includes a special insert with history and photos.

Reo Deo will release 10 ringtones from the song, "Games." Fans will be able to download 30-second ringtones of 94 East, as well as soloed guitar tracks from Pepé's rhythm guitar and Prince's lead guitar. Other ringtones from the Cookhouse Five will be released in the near future. The ringtones will be digitally distributed by Entertainment One and available via major ringtone providers including AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. 

The Cookhouse Five songs were written by Pepé Willie in 1975. After working for several months mentoring Prince's first group, Grand Central, Pepé realized Prince's formidable talent and hired him to record with 94 East at Cookhouse Recording Studios.

94 East previously released "Minneapolis Genius" in the U.S., U.K. and Japan; "94 East featuring Prince, Symbolic Beginning" in the U.K.; and "94 East featuring 10:15 & Fortune Teller with Prince on Guitar" worldwide.

The Reo Deo label is owned by Pepé Music Inc., a production, publishing and consulting company operating in Minneapolis since 1976. Please contact Bill Arnovich at Adele Media Relations for further information at 317-757-6511. 

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