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982 Media

July 26, 2012 10:15 ET

982 Media Launches Equity-Based Funding Model Allowing Investors to Profit From Financing Film Projects

Donation-based crowdfunding not the only way to green-light creative projects

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 26, 2012) - What was quickly becoming the exclusive domain of donation-based crowdfunding sites, independent film financing is finding a new investor base in Canada's Exempt Market. 982 Media, a Calgary-based film and media-financing firm, has launched a fund designed to allow investors to finance and profit from a diverse portfolio of feature films. Unlike the popular donation-based crowdfunding opportunities through sites like Kickstarter, which financed 10 percent of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival's slate, the 982 Media Fund will offer investors equity participation.

"The success of donation-based crowd-funding model is evidence that the general public is interested in participating in film finance," said Arti Modi, President of 982 Media. "The 982 Media Fund is financing films with top talent and international commercial appeal. Investors won't simply be donating funds in order to receive a t-shirt or to see their name in the credits like they do on Kickstarter. They will actually share in the revenue as shareholders in a company that will materialise Oscar quality films."

982 Media has already announced that they, along with their partners and investors, will be providing the P&A financing for ODD THOMAS, the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel by the same title which will star Veteran actor Willem Dafoe (SPIDER MAN, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, ENGLISH PATIENT). They will also provide funding for THUNDER RUN, a Pulitzer Prize Novel. The movie adaptation will be shot in 3D and will feature and all-star cast including, Matthew McConaughey (THE LINCOLN LAWYER, A TIME TO KILL, U-571), Sam Worthington (AVATAR, CLASH OF THE TITANS, TERMINATOR SALVATION), and Gerard Butler (300, ROCKNROLLA, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA).

"As P&A financiers, our investors earn high interest rates on the money we loan to highly anticipated projects like Thunder Run and Odd Thomas. They also participate in a percentage of the potentially huge post-box-office revenues these types of projects have," said Modi.

The 982 Media Fund will incorporate both debt financing opportunities, such as P&A Financing, as well as equity participation opportunities in production financing.

"We are leading a film financing revolution, in which, for the first time, Canadians can participate in the profit potential from various aspects of film finance in many different types of film projects," said Modi.

The fund requires a minimum investment of $5000 and is RRSP eligible. It is currently offered to investors though Exempt Market Dealers such as Portfolio Strategies and Privest Wealth Management.

"People want to invest in something they can tell their friends about - something that resonates with them. That's why donation-based crowdfunding models have worked so well for film finance. Add to this allure an experienced management team, a high caliber of film projects and equity participation; 982 Media is exactly the type of opportunity investors are looking for," said Drew Adams, President of Privest Wealth Management.


982 Media is a film and media finance company with a focus on senior secured Print and Advertising loans. Founded in 2011 with the backing of OmniArch, a North American Private Equity Firm with AUM of $120MM, 982 Media's management team has impressive fund management experience. Through their relationships with producers, agents and film studios, 982 Media identifies potentially profitable film projects and financing arrangements that offer investors a lucrative piece of the independent film industry.

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