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January 30, 2007 12:51 ET

99.8% SiO2 Achieved Through Routine Flotation

VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 30, 2007 -- i-minerals inc. (TSX-V: IMA) announces that further to its press release of November 28, 2006, the Company has received detailed quartz analysis from RJ Lee Group Inc. of Monroeville, PA ("RJ Lee"). The samples submitted to RJ Lee were the from the same quartz product produced by Minerals Research Laboratory at North Carolina State University ("MRL") through standard flotation processes and previously analyzed by Acme Analytical Laboratories of Vancouver, BC. The analyses undertaken by RJ Lee were performed with ICP instrumentation, which have lower detection limits than other routine whole rock geochemical analytical methods and are therefore more precise measurement of elements deleterious to the production of high purity quartz ("HPQ") products. These analytical results from RJ Lee included two samples generated through flotation processes, both of which yielded a SiO2 purity of 99.8% (a refinement of the Acme analysis of > 99% SiO2) and low trace elements.

"To be able to produce a quartz product of this purity through a routine flotation process is truly extraordinary," commented Roger Kauffman, President and CEO of i-minerals inc. "High purity quartz products are those in excess of 99.99% SiO2, and low trace elements. Production generally requires more complex metallurgical techniques that include leaching and calcination. With these strong results using only secondary flotation results, and given the bulk of the residual impurities that are related to the presence of trace quantities of residual feldspar, it is prudent to explore additional flotation techniques in parallel with the testing before more complex HPQ production techniques are initiated. Achieving a purity of 99.8% SiO2 through standard flotation provides i-minerals with an exceptional starting point for the development of a HPQ product from the Kelly's Basin deposit and furthers our confidence we can reach this important milestone."

Given metallurgical work completed to date indicates 2 tons of quartz products would be produced for every 5 tons of feldspar products produced, quartz product pricing will have a strong impact on overall Kelly's basin economics and the ongoing feasibility study. In general, quartz product prices currently range from less than $20/ton for quartz sands ( < 99% SiO2) to in excess of $5,000/ton for ultra high purity quartz products ( > 99.9999% SiO2). These most recent analytical results from RJ Lee confirm the Company will be able to produce quartz products that will readily compete in many glass, ceramic, and filler markets. Quartz products sold in these markets can range in prices to over $100/ton for a fine grind higher purity product. Continued successful metallurgical testing will allow i-minerals to produce higher purity products and capture commensurately higher average quartz product pricing. The Company will pursue the additional flotation tests and specialty testing including leaching and calcination as required that is necessary to confirm its ability to produce high purity quartz products.

A. Lamar Long, CPG, is the Qualified Person ("QP") for the Helmer-Bovill project under NI 43-101. He oversees the quality control and quality assurance program and the construction of all samples for metallurgical analysis and reviews all analytical results prior to public release.

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