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December 05, 2007 05:00 ET

A Modern Safety-Engineered Trampoline Makes a Great Gift for Kids

Safe Healthy Fun for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - December 5, 2007) - For a truly wonderful gift to give your kids this holiday season, JumpSport recommends a safety-engineered trampoline. Not only will your kids have more fun with a trampoline than just about anything you could possibly give them, but they will also be getting some good healthy exercise that they will want to get all the time. Forget sedentary video games, DVDs, and MP3 players. This year give the gift of safe healthy fun. Your kids will love you for it, and you won't have to worry about them, as JumpSport trampolines are the world's safest.

JumpSport has addressed nearly every area of potential trampoline injury with innovative safety technologies.

1) JumpSport invented the trampoline safety net 10 years ago, so kids are now safe from falling off the trampoline.

2) JumpSport's patented Staged™ and VariableBounce™ spring technologies improve the shock absorption and thus the safety of the jumping surface. Kids get a softer landing, a smoother bounce, a gentler rebound.

3) JumpSport's DoubleBounce™ and PowerBounce™ technologies go even farther to enhance safety by improving bounce performance near the edge of the jumping surface so kids can enjoy the entire surface for game activities.

4) JumpSport's patented Trampoline Basketball and GamePak™ offer exciting games to keep kids engaged in safe activities instead of dangerous flips.

Safer than bike-riding, skateboarding, or softball, trampolines have earned a place among the safest of kids' recreational activities.

As for health benefits, jumping on a trampoline has been proven to be one of the most efficient forms of exercise. It is far more efficient than running or jogging, for example, because it exercises the entire body evenly instead of just one part. It strengthens the heart, the circulatory and respiratory systems, and every muscle, cell, tissue, and bone of the body, simultaneously. It also improves balance, coordination, and spatial awareness like no other exercise can.

Your kids probably won't care about the safety and health benefits of their new trampoline, but they will care about the never-ending fun it gives them and the satisfying outlet for their naturally boundless energy. So get them a JumpSport trampoline and give them a gift of safe, healthy fun. No iPod can do so much.

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About JumpSport

JumpSport is the leading provider of trampoline safety net enclosures and safety-engineered trampolines. Founded in 1997 when CEO Mark Publicover invented and patented the world's first trampoline safety net enclosure, JumpSport today has incorporated into its products more than 25 safety innovations, based on five patents/patents-pending, that are designed to eliminate the causes of trampoline injury. JumpSport lets families and kids enjoy the great health and fitness benefits of trampoline exercise with the assurance of knowing they are using the industry's safest trampolines.

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