The Newmarket Mosque

December 12, 2007 11:54 ET

A Tragedy Beyond Reason

NEWMARKET, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 12, 2007) - It is with deep sadness that the Muslim Community in Newmarket joins with the family of slain teenager Aqsa Parvez in mourning her senseless and violent demise. "This is the type of tragedy that shakes you to your very core - as a person, as a parent, and as a Muslim.", said Ansar Ahmed, spokesperson for the Newmarket Mosque.

This was a bright young girl who's only worry should have been friends and homework, instead, it appears the last few weeks of her life were marred by anguish and conflict.

"The fact that the wearing of a hijab, or headscarf, appears to have been the catalyst for this violence is what is so disturbing, and moreover, the fact that her wish to no longer wear it appears to have led to her murder is what is truly bewildering.", said Mr. Ahmed. Asked to comment on the Muslim custom of women covering their heads, Mr. Ahmed said that covering of the hair is prescribed in scripture, just as praying 5 times a day, fasting in Ramadan and giving charity to the poor are also prescribed. "However, whether or not a woman prays five times a day, or whether she chooses to cover her hair, is a voluntary act of worship. Its ludicrous for this father to have thought that he could compel his teenage daughter to cover her hair. Acts of faith, whatever they may be, have to come from within - they cannot be imposed on anyone, if they are, they are not true acts of faith."

This unfortunate and preventable tragedy should serve as a wake-up call for all people, Muslims and non-Muslims. "Whether it's a friend, or someone who you happen to know about, if they're in trouble or in distress, please don't hesitate to act. It doesn't matter whether the issue is surrounding boyfriends, drinking, clothing, or in this case wearing of a hijab, don't ever leave someone to feel that they are all alone. Tell a teacher or someone else in authority, so they can intervene before domestic differences escalate into needless violence."

Mr. Ahmed closed by saying that, "the Executive Committee and congregation of the Newmarket Mosque pray that God will give this child sanctuary and bless her with His love and mercy."

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