November 03, 2009 06:39 ET

ALCATEL-LUCENT Purchases its LTE Load Tester from ERCOM

ERCOM confirms its leadership in LTE test and measurement systems through the purchasing by Alcatel Lucent of ERCOM's product Load eNodeB Mobipass Tester.

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2009) - Many countries and operators are now committed to deploy LTE (Long Terme Evolution) networks to develop mobile broadband and to sustain the ever growing data connectivity needs on mobile networks. Alcatel - Lucent is one of the pioneers in such technology and is dedicated to deliver LTE all around the world. To finalize its development, Alcatel-Lucent has chosen ERCOM's Load eNodeB Mobipass Tester.

The load system provided by Ercom is the continuity of its functional test platforms, known as Mobipass eNodeB Tester. ERCOM has already deployed 60 of such test platforms. Mobipass technology enables the emulation of every LTE eNodeB interfaces: end-user (UE), hand-over (X2) and core network (S1). The Mobipass architecture provides a state-of-the art and stand-alone solution for all the tests and simulations needed by a telco manufacturer to develop its LTE products.

"Thanks to Ercom long time expertise in load and capacity testing, our customer chose ERCOM's Mobipass solution to fulfill its extensive technical requirements and to meet its cost-effective development strategy", according to Didier Pagnoux, ERCOM's CEO.

About Mobipass solution for LTE eNodeB load and capacity test:

- Support of latest 3GPP release for LTE.
- Support FDD and TDD standards for LTE
- Up to 3000 UEs with UE emulation full CPRI or RF over air interface,
S1 (MME and SGW) emulation for the core network and X2 emulation for
- Support of 5, 10 and 20MHz bandwidth. Support of any LTE frequency
- Scalable solution for sub-system test, full system test bringing
multiple solutions depending of test strategy, number of UEs and
number of cells to support.
- Multiple test features and UE behavior emulation to ensure eNodeB
stress on strategic features.
- Graphical "Call Profile definition" for load test scenario including
traffic generator for applications (Htpp, FTP, VoIP, Web,etc)
- Execution of functional test scripts during load test campaign
- Analysis and decoding tools for LTE protocols.

About ERCOM -

ERCOM is a telecom solution provider, dedicated to improve usage and confidence in telecommunication networks. For more than 20 years ERCOM teams has developed high-end telecommunication technologies and solutions. Today ERCOM is dedicated to two main product lines: 4G network validation systems and secure communication solutions.

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