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January 24, 2008 10:42 ET

AMB-PDM™ to Offer Service Oriented Architecture as Part of Their New Generation Data Empowerment Solution

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 24, 2008) - AMB Predictive Data Management™, the provider of New Generation Data Empowerment solutions, now offers the first in a series of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) modules implemented within AMB-PDM's powerful data cleansing engine.

At the heart of any good data profiling and quality remediation solution is the capability to validate data through a repeatable process. The SOA components implemented as part of the AMB Predictive Data Management suite provide that capability in an autonomic or "self healing" process. Now data quality validation and cleansing can be performed automatically as part of normal data access. This protects downstream data consumers from anomalies that would otherwise disseminate throughout the enterprise, typically unseen and unknown, forcing business decisions to be made from low quality or dirty data. AMB-PDM's scalable, open repository can provide data quality status information and monitor continued improvement in data quality and error remediation through user dashboards, or with existing reporting and analytical tools, without the need for expensive Master Data Management solutions.

"AMB-PDM is now providing SOA capability because most companies want their technology budgets directed towards innovation that directly impacts their bottom line, as opposed to spending time and money configuring new technical solutions, staffing projects and support groups, and integrating them within their business," states AMB-PDM President Steven Meister.

About Service Oriented Architecture

SOA packages business processes as services. This means that other software applications can request and automatically receive the benefits of any available service. The requesting application, program, or service can exchange data and participate in the business processes regardless of the requester's legacy operating system or programming language. SOA services can also coordinate an activity between two or more services. A service can be distributed over a network and can be reused, individually or in combination, to create living business applications that are robust enough to rapidly respond to competitive pressures. This model is also very cost effective because it allows universal implementation of strategic enhancements without individual code changes in every requesting application. When deployed at the data level, this model can be leveraged with AMB-PDM's Info Expose to drill back to source data and assess the impact of reported data quality on the specific business analysis to be undertaken. This provides real time, intelligent, secure, information access throughout the enterprise and supports a shared, single version of the truth without waiting for enterprise data warehouse updates or incidental data exceptions to be fixed before data is made available to the business.

About AMB-PDM New Generation Data Empowerment

AMB-PDM is the technological leader in the Data Profiling/Quality and Management market, providing complete data control without the need of a technical support team. New Generation Data Empowerment technology is available on .net Windows, Java, UNIX and Macintosh platforms. It accesses data directly, without the need for moving or staging data, from IBM DB2/UDB, IBM Z/OS DB2, IBM AS400/DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata and Flat Files. AMB-PDM also provides a Web-Based Hosted Data Quality Solution (SaaS) and recently released a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offering. AMB-PDM offers the industry's most powerful, sophisticated, data cleansing engine and has an intuitive business user interface. It integrates with existing Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools, leverages existing query and reporting tools, and offers optional CASS certified address correction. It uses a scalable, integrated, secure, open, non-proprietary repository for storing results and performing ad-hoc data analysis, assessments, remediation, or certification. AMB-PDM is committed to providing New Generation Data Empowerment technology to organizations of all sizes, across all industries. It is easy to use, quick to implement and affordable. There's simply no other technology provider who puts secured, data control in the hands of those who depend upon it.

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