January 03, 2005 00:03 ET

AMD Introduces the AMD Alchemy Au1200 Processor, Forges New Era of Portable Multimedia




JANUARY 3, 2005 - 00:03 ET

AMD Introduces the AMD Alchemy Au1200 Processor,
Forges New Era of Portable Multimedia

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Jan 3, 2005) -

Au1200™ Processor Offers Ability to Store, Manage and Play Fresh
Multimedia Content on the Go

AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced availability of the AMD Alchemy™
Au1200™ processor, a low-power, high-performance, system-on-chip
solution designed to provide living-room quality video entertainment for
consumers on the go. The Au1200 processor has been optimized for
personal media players (PMP) and enables a new generation of
conveniences and features, including scalable DVD-quality displays,
effortless video content transfers directly from digital video
recorders, and long-lasting battery life so consumers can stay mobile

This enhanced functionality is a result of the Au1200 processor's
integrated media acceleration hardware and accompanying media player
software. The solution does not require a digital signal processor (DSP)
nor complex DSP coding, enabling PMP manufacturers to speed products to
market more quickly and potentially offer the devices at more affordable

For consumers, the Au1200 processor provides a simplified user
experience and more entertainment value than current generation PMPs.
For example, PMPs containing the Au1200 processor can connect directly
to digital video recorders (DVR) and transfer video content without the
need to transcode the file through a personal computer, thus greatly
reducing the time it takes to download and playback fresh video
entertainment on a PMP.

AMD is partnering with industry-leading DVR manufacturer TiVo to support
the TiVo-To-Go initiative, which enables direct transfer of programs
from a Series2™ TiVo® DVR directly to PMPs, laptops and other
portable devices.

"TiVo-To-Go enables the secure transfer of broadcast content from a TiVo
box to a personal media player and allows consumers to enjoy their TV
shows anywhere, in the living room, on a plane, or in a hotel," said
David Sandford, director of technology & licensing business at TiVo.
"Portability is a key desire for TiVo subscribers and key innovations in
embedded processing, such as the Au1200 processor from AMD, help make it
possible to transfer TiVo content directly to portable devices."

Once content is on the PMP, the Au1200 processor provides a DVD-quality
display that can be scaled directly to larger screens without
compromising image quality. The Au1200 processor is designed to support
industry-standard media formats, including MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, H.263 and

"The explosive growth of MP3 players illustrates the desire consumers
have to take entertainment on the go," said Iain Morris, senior vice
president, AMD Personal Connectivity Solutions Group. "The natural
progression to the next 'must have' portable entertainment device is a
video equivalent to the MP3 player, albeit with a slightly different
user model. AMD's Au1200 processor is an embedded solution that provides
PMP manufacturers the ability to meet consumer demand for an affordable,
easy-to-use, DVD-picture quality product that is capable of having
always-fresh content."

"The AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor offers designers of personal
multimedia players a low-power, high-performance device with impressive
video capabilities," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The
Linley Group. "By eliminating the need for a DSP, the processor's
integrated media acceleration engine simplifies the programming
environment and helps OEMs get to market more quickly."

Product Specifications

Key features of the AMD Alchemy Au1200 include:

-- Low-power, high-performance processor with long-term support

-- Very-low-power consumption: less than 400mW @ 400MHz

-- DVD video quality (720x480) with multiple video formats

-- Scales to larger displays (1024x768)

-- Support for DDR1 and DDR2 memories

-- Integrated Media Acceleration Engine

-- No need for external DSP providing simpler programming
environment and fewer components

-- Multimedia transcoding is not required

-- USB2.0 Host and Device

-- Enables faster download and flexible connectivity

-- LCD controller with overlays and blending capability

-- Camera interface and Internet access peripherals

-- Security

-- AES-128 data encryption/decryption in hardware

-- Operating system support

-- Windows® CE.NET

-- Linux

Pricing and Availability

The AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor is planned to be available in
production quantities in the second quarter of 2005 in 333MHz, 400MHz
and 500MHz speed options. In 10,000 unit quantities, the AMD Alchemy
Au1200 processor (333MHz version) is priced at $22.50. Visit for more information.

A complete PMP reference design based on the AMD Alchemy Au1200
processor is available from First International Computer, Inc. (FIC).
The FIC PMP reference design, called Vassili, is available to OEM
customers and offers a bright 3.6 inch DVD-quality display; convenient
DVR-to-PMP direct connection for effortless content transfers; 20GB
internal storage with four hours of video playback; and 12 hours of
music playback with 16-bit CD quality sound. The FIC Vassili runs the
award-winning Implicit Networks Media Player user interface, providing
consumers the ability to personalize, manage and browse content on the
go. The latest information about FIC products and services can be found

Demos of the AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor running on the FIC Vassili PMP
reference design can be viewed in AMD's booth, number 36831, at the
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9, 2005.

About AMD's Personal Connectivity Solutions Group (PCSG)

AMD's PCSG delivers high-performance, low-power embedded solutions that
are designed to address customer needs in the non-PC Internet Appliance
market. PCSG offers technologies from the AMD Alchemy™ Solutions and
the AMD Geode™ Solutions product families covering a wide range of
applications. Target markets for PCSG include multimedia, access &
computing devices, and growth opportunities in consumer electronics and
communication segments.

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