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October 01, 2007 15:53 ET

AN ABSOLUTE MINUTE: A Radio Series From Absolute Software

Tales of the Missing Laptop

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) -

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SUGGESTED ANCHOR LEAD: There seems to be truth to the old saying about 'history repeating itself.' Yet another laptop computer has been reported missing containing confidential and sensitive information and it has many people angry and upset. Walter Ocner reports. (:57)

SCRIPT: The recent loss of another high-profile laptop computer highlights what has become an all too-common problem. The question now is what can be done? John Livingston of Absolute Software has some ideas.

CUT (Livingston): The past few months have seen a significant rise in high-profile laptop theft cases. It's essential that organizations enact a multi-layered security strategy to protect their hardware and data to help avoid potential crimes, lawsuits, fines, media scrutiny and public embarrassment. Using computer tracking and recovery software such as Computrace LoJack for Laptops is an intelligent part of protecting your valuable assets. Not only can it aid in recovering a missing computer, it can also delete sensitive files remotely before they fall into the wrong hands.

SCRIPT: Livingston says that a concerted focus on computer security can help everybody stay safe. For more information, visit Absolute Software at I'm Walter Ocner.

ADDITIONAL SOUNDBITE (Livingston): The loss of a laptop can have a devastating effect on your business. To protect your laptop, it's important to follow a few simple steps. First, always remember to back up all your information. Use visual deterrents when leaving your computer unattended, such as a locking cable. Always use complex passwords and change them regularly. A combination of numbers and letters is recommended and never leave them in obvious places or near your computer. Finally, always stay informed as to the latest tools and techniques used by cyber criminals today. Staying one step ahead of the latest scams and security risks will save you huge headaches later on.

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