November 30, 2009 09:00 ET

ANADIGICS Announces Industry's First Family of Gateway Splitters Featuring Up to Eight RF Outputs

New Five-Way Gateway Splitter, APS3625 Provides VOIP Phone Bypass Function to Maintain Service in the Event of a Power Outage

TOKYO--(Marketwire - November 30, 2009) - ANADIGICS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANAD) today launched the industry's first family of gateway splitters that provide up to eight RF outputs. These additional RF outputs are new to ANADIGICS's APS3600 splitter family targeted for use in home gateways which incorporate multiple tuner architectures. ANADIGICS new five-way splitter, the APS3625, incorporates a by-pass function to enable cable supported voice phones to function even in the event of a power loss. This family of splitters also offers exceptional linearity over the cable spectrum and low return loss, thus delivering enhanced image and sound quality in a multitude of applications.

The new family of gateway splitters offers several benefits to equipment manufacturers, service providers and consumers. Equipment manufacturers benefit from integrated active solutions that have high linearity and low noise which does not degrade the signal integrity. Service providers can benefit from lower equipment costs since the box size is potentially smaller due to fewer components than traditional passive designs. Consumers with networked entertainment devices can now enjoy the features of their primary STB or DVR, from any room within the house, resulting in an improved user experience. Businesses such as hotels can expand their TV services to more than 15 different hotel rooms using equipment containing these active splitter devices.

"The market for centralized gateways is beginning to multiply as there is an increasing need to connect applications such as a DVR, TV, and digital phones across a single home network to provide enhanced features to end-users," stated Ray Aubert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ANADIGICS, Inc. "ANADIGICS has been innovating in CATV for many years, delivering some of the industry's most popular splitters and integrated tuners for the cable set-top box market. With the tremendous growth in demand for multimedia applications in business and at home, we continue to innovate, delivering industry-firsts, such as the APS3600 gateway splitters, which are highly integrated and deliver strong signal performance, high quality outputs and added functionality to meet current and future market requirements."

Product family highlights:

ANADIGICS' new family of gateway splitters provides the number of RF outputs required for highly function gateway devices, while maintaining the linearity of each tuner path and delivering very low signal loss for optimal performance. Each device supports up to 1GHz cable spectrum, 75-ohm inputs and outputs, and operates from a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

-- The APS3625 offers five-way active split with 4.8dB typical noise figure and 4dB gain. The 4x4x1mm device maintains the RF signal path to a high priority port in power loss mode. This five-way splitter includes one by-pass output to maintain a connection when power is lost. The by-pass port is intended for critical signals such as cable supplied phone service.

-- The APS3607 offers a four-way split with nominal 3.2dB gain and a 4.7dB typical noise figure. This is a 3x3x1mm device. Four-way splitters are ideal for emerging DOCSIS 3.0 modems which incorporate narrowband tuners and set-top boxes which need up to four video tuners for combined DVR, PiP, and feed-through functionality.

-- The APS3626 offers a six-way active split with 5dB nominal gain and a 4.0dB typical noise figure. This 4x4x1mm device has a current adjustment pin for optimizing distortion performance. Six and eight-way splitters also suitable for hotels or multiple dwellings. For example, two eight-way active splitters combined with a 2-way splitter could feed up to 16 televisions from a single RF input.

-- The APS3628 is an eight-way active splitter with 3.2dB nominal gain and a 4.7dB typical noise figure. This 4x4x1mm device also has a current adjustment pin for optimizing distortion performance.

Samples of ANADIGICS' new wide splitter family are available now. For additional product information, pricing or samples, visit:


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