December 07, 2005 11:00 ET

ATDF Launches Advanced Product Suite for 45 nm and 32 nm Manufacturing

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TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 7, 2005 -- ATDF, a leading technology R&D center for the semiconductor industry, today unveiled a suite of test products designed to help semiconductor manufacturers and equipment makers prepare for advanced technology generations.

The products, designed for calibrating tools and testing wafer products that will serve the 45 nm and 32 nm microchip generations, include an advanced reticle, two test wafers, and two lines of proprietary films for dual-metal gates and high-k development. All have received initial orders or are close to rollout.

"Our industry is already entrenched in 65 nm manufacturing and the pressure is on to prepare tools and processes for the succeeding generations," said Dave Anderson, ATDF general manager. "These products will help both chip-makers and tool suppliers make the transition to 45 nm and 32 nm capability."

New products offered by ATDF include:

--  SPIDER-300™ 300 mm test wafer for the 65 nm node and greater, a
    proven technology for evaluating the effects of process-induced degradation
    to the functionality of advanced transistor gate, logic circuits, and
    memory-cells. Originated for member companies as the SEMATECH Plasma
    Induced Damage Effect Revealer, the new SPIDER-300 solution incorporates
    the latest capacitor, transistor, and circuit design along with customer
    services including electrical test data analysis and customer training.
    SPIDER-300 will be available in 1Q06.
--  888N CoMPetitor™ advanced test reticle for chemical-mechanical
    polishing (CMP), to help tool-makers and consumable suppliers stay ahead of
    the competition. With 100 nm line spaces, the 888N has the smallest feature
    sizes available on a CMP reticle, and is available on both 200 mm and 300
    mm wafers. The 888N CoMpetitor is available and orders are being accepted.
--  ATDF NanoPattern™, a 300 mm test wafer with 40 nm half-pitch lines,
    and available in both development and electrically testable versions.
    NanoPattern is aimed at manufacturers of etch and cleans tools for testing
    extremely small features. This product will be available in 1Q06.
--  ATDF High-Konfidence™ high-k gate films for 200 mm and 300 mm
    wafers produced by atomic layer deposition (ALD).  ATDF's advanced gate
    tool set provides its customers with immediate, next-generation film
    capability. Orders are being accepted for these currently available
--  ATDF NextGate™ ALD and PVD materials for metal gate electrode
    compatible with high-k gate films.  NextGate materials, based primarily on
    compounds of hafnium, tantalum, and titanium, will enable the next
    breakthrough in leading-edge transistor technology. Orders are being
    accepted for these available products as well.
Engineers will offer product details and customer consultation at the ATDF display at SEMICON Japan, Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center), Hall 7, Booth 7A-002.

About ATDF: ATDF, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMATECH, is a leading technology R&D center where research meets manufacturing for semiconductor manufacturers, equipment and materials suppliers, and others. ATDF customers can confidentially test new designs, integration methodologies, and prototype systems while protecting their own intellectual property, and development partners can work closely with one another in a custom manufacturing environment. ATDF also develops baseline processes, accepted industry-wide, that bring new tools and materials to manufacturing faster, at lower cost. More information can be found at

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