August 05, 2008 13:59 ET

ATI, Hawker Brownlow Education Sign International Distribution Agreement

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - August 5, 2008) - Educational Testing Service's (ETS) Assessment Training Institute (ATI) has entered into an agreement with Hawker Brownlow Education (HBE), a major educational publisher in Australia, to publish and distribute ATI professional development titles, including books and DVDs, in Australia and other countries.

Under the terms of the agreement HBE will produce, market and sell ATI products in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, greatly broadening ATI's market reach. With several ATI distribution partners already in place within the United States and Canada, this marks the first agreement for ATI distribution outside North America.

"Assessment literacy is becoming increasingly important in Australia," says June Paci, ETS Director of Business Development, "so Hawker Brownlow saw the potential for our ATI products in that market. This business relationship will introduce these products to new international, English-speaking markets."

According to HBE's Publishing Director, Elaine Brownlow, the print-on-demand capabilities of HBE allow them to offer Australian educators a broad and eclectic range of titles across the K-12 curriculum that would not be possible with the traditional publishing practice of high-volume print runs.

Brownlow says, "We are tremendously excited about our agreement with ETS. Assessment is a 'hot' topic in Australia at this time and the addition of the ETS range of assessment titles will be met with great enthusiasm by our teachers and administrators."

The Assessment Training Institute (ATI) was founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon by Rick Stiggins and acquired by ETS in 2006. Guided by the belief that involving students in the classroom assessment process encourages them to take responsibility for their own progress and success, ATI focuses on building students' confidence in themselves as learners, as well as supporting teachers as they face the challenges of developing quality day-to-day classroom assessments.

Steve Chappuis, Executive Director of ATI, adds, "The agreement ensures that our products are published and distributed by a reputable and long-trusted education leader in Australia. Along with this assurance, we are fulfilling our mission to help teachers learn to assess student achievement with the highest level of quality, and use those results to promote further learning."

Twenty years of research prove the principles of assessment for learning increase student confidence, desire to learn and academic performance. In addition, ATI's learning team model of professional development helps teachers quickly learn to assess accurately and use the results to promote even further learning.

For more information about ATI, to request a catalog or to order materials, please visit or call (800) 480-3060.

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About Hawker Brownlow Education

Hawker Brownlow Education (HBE) was founded in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia by Elaine and David Brownlow. HBE is generally considered to be the world's first totally print-on-demand publishing house, a process which was also launched in 1985. Today HBE is a leader in the "green" printing industry, employing the latest digital print technology to create an educational publishing business that holds no stock, but is never out of stock, of any title on its huge publishing list. For more information, please visit

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