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April 14, 2010 06:15 ET

AbShield™ Reviews the Task Force Report on Problem Drywall

Engineered Coating Solution Remains the Most Affordable Option

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  The recent release of a report by the Federal Interagency Task Force on Problem Drywall received various reviews. The Task Force document leaves many homeowners in an indeterminate state due to funding constraints and scientific evidence available to the Task Force. The provisional suggestions were not accurately reported in their entirety by many media outlets. The Task Force recognized that less extensive or less costly remediation methods have merit, and could ultimately prove more cost effective and less invasive.

AbShield™ announced the proven and effective solution to correct structures built with problematic Chinese drywall in February 2010. The news was well received by consumers / homeowners, the real estate community, builders, developers and other stakeholders as the process is a value and a confirmed time saving measure. "Consumer confidence is growing as the process continues to thrive," says Robert Riffe, General Partner of AbShield™. "We have seen incredible spikes in Web site hits, get hundreds of calls each week and the responses have metamorphosed from doubt and criticism to trust and belief in what we have to offer."

The AbShield™ team received the federal report and has reviewed it and the flurry of articles published within the past week. AbShield™ believes the Task Force did its best with the information it had been provided. "We see positives within the Task Force staff document, which keeps the door open for alternate remediation techniques. We have the product and science to back it up," says Riffe.

The varying costs to remove and replace the problem drywall, initially reported at $35 per square foot and now up to $86 per square foot for some homes, makes the AbShield™ solution the most reliable and sensible. Using the AbShield™ system to treat problem drywall will yield a savings that would exceed the original AbShield™ cost model mark of 73% compared to drywall replacement, not including additional savings realized by displacing the homeowner for less time. Occupant displacement on the average is 95% less when utilizing AbShield™ which benefits the individual homeowner, developers, builders, the owner and occupant in rental scenarios, and realtor listing speed to market.

The AbShield™ scientific team briefly explains that their process involves application of an intricate polymeric layer that promotes physisorption and chemisorption at the molecular level to adsorb and neutralize odor and corrosion causing sulfur based gas emissions. The gas enters into the coating matrix and through inelastic molecular collisions is adsorbed. Once adsorbed, these sulfur based contaminants are chemically bound and neutralized.

Accredited third-party laboratory testing of AbShield™ coating products utilizing active Chinese drywall, and multiple repeated tests for 20 sulfur gas species, has confirmed under long term accelerated aging conditions that the AbShield™ system is controlling related tarnishing or corrosion and intercepting the related airborne contaminates and odors.

The AbShield™ vision and goal has and continues to be focused on providing a solution that is based on sound science and engineered principles providing solutions that are feasible and affordable. The "let's use science instead of hammers" philosophy continues to be the motivation driving the company's concepts.

AbShield™ coating systems are designed to support the most current "green" initiatives for the construction industry. These environmentally friendly coating systems are non-carcinogenic, formaldehyde free, halogen free, solvent free, and are low to zero VOC.

AbShield™ provides commercial coating system concepts, designs, supplies and sales. The group brings a broad spectrum of specialized expertise to the forefront, providing innovative products and solutions for the built environment. For more information, visit or call 1-888-589-6343.

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