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Aberdeen International Inc.

November 28, 2007 08:00 ET

Aberdeen International Vends Ethiopian Exploration Assets to Avion Resources Corp and Retains Royalty Interest

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2007) - ABERDEEN INTERNATIONAL INC. ("Aberdeen" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:AAB) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to Vend its exploration prospects in the North and West regions of Ethiopia to Avion Resources Corp (TSX VENTURE:AVR). Aberdeen is the sole recorded and beneficial owner of a 100% undivided interest in exploration licences in Ethiopia covering an aggregate of 2,674 km2 in the Northern Regional State of Tigray and 1,766 km2 in the Western regional State of Asosa.

Aberdeen has agreed to vend its Ethiopian exploration licenses for the following consideration:

I. $250,000 upon receipt of regulatory approval for the transaction;

II. $750,000 on or before June 30, 2008;

III. $1,000,000 on or before December 31, 2008;

IV. A Retained 1.5% Net Smelter Royalty in respect of the exploration licenses;

V. 1,500,000 Avion share purchase warrants, each of which will entitle Aberdeen to acquire one Avion common share at a price of $0.44 for a period 18 months following issue; and

VI. Avion agreeing to assume Aberdeen's obligations to Ethio-Gibe Canada Mining PLC, which is the company that assisted Aberdeen in the acquisition of its properties in Ethiopia, as has been previously disclosed.

The payments set out above shall be made in cash, or common shares of Avion upon the mutual agreement of both parties, with any common shares to be issued at a price equal to the 30-day volume weighted average trading price for Avion common shares on the TSX Venture Exchange.

George Faught, Aberdeen's President and CEO, stated "Aberdeen has been successful in securing some of the most prospective exploration licenses in the Northern and Western parts of Ethiopia. The initial exploration program conducted by the Company has identified a number of priority exploration targets. Given the Company's recent transition to a global resources investment company, we believe the sale of the exploration licenses to Avion, an exploration focused company, will unlock the full potential of these properties" Mr. Faught added "Aberdeen will continue to participate in the future success of the Ethiopian properties through a direct royalty interest and as a 19% shareholder of Avion."

Summary of Ethiopian Phase 1 Exploration Program

The aim of Phase 1 was to identify and acquire the most prospective base and precious metal properties within Ethiopia and target specific regions within the properties and the country as a whole, for continuing exploration programs. The low-grade metamorphic volcano-sedimentary belts of the Arabian-Nubian Shield in Ethiopia are known hosts to orogenic gold and volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits both within the country (Lega Dembi gold deposit, southern Ethiopia) and in surrounding countries (Asmara and Bisha VMS deposits, Eritrea).

Aberdeen conducted a Phase 1 Program between March and August 2007, which involved data compilation and targeting, geological evaluation (satellite imagery), property acquisition, geological mapping and sampling, and airborne geophysical surveys (heliborne magnetic-radiometric-electromagnetic surveys). Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc. ("CCIC"), a Canadian-based independent consulting company, was retained to complete the Phase 1 exploration programs.

Phase I Exploration

The first phase of exploration focused on assessing the most prospective portions of the potentially mineralized belts and acquiring substantial claims within those regions. Despite the well known distribution of greenstone belts in Ethiopia, these regions are highly under-explored with relatively little western-style exploration. Subsequent to Phase I refinement and claim acquisition, the claim holdings now cover 4,440 km2.

Following the property evaluation, Aeroquest International was contracted to fly a minimum 5,000 line kilometre heliborne magnetic-radiometric survey and a 2,000 line kilometre electromagnetic (EM) survey over selected portions of the properties. Satellite image interpretation for the purposes of identifying and targeting alteration patterns was also completed.

The Northern Blocks

The northern blocks covered a large prospective area of the Tigrayan Greenstone Belt, following a regional trend southeast of the Eritrean Kuroko-style, high-grade gold, copper, zinc, silver and VMS deposits near Asmara, Eritrea (which are held by Sunridge Gold). Additional prospective claim blocks were acquired along this trend, resulting in an area of 2,674 km2 of holdings in the north.

The preliminary field exploration program was successful in identifying interlayered mafic-felsic volcanic rocks and sedimentary rocks in the northern greenstone units. Features such as this are characteristic of VMS style mineralization elsewhere in the region. Grab samples were collected and assay results are pending.

Satellite image interpretation was contracted to cover the areas of the original properties. The interpretation focussed on the identification of alteration patterns in order to isolate prospective geology. The data shows good correlation with regional structures and known occurrences of mineralization.

A combination of magnetic-radiometric (1,707 line km) and EM (1,963 line km) surveys were flown over the northern properties. The airborne surveys, in conjunction with geological information and satellite interpretation, were successful in identifying 12 priority targets for either gold, VMS or nickel sulphides, forming the basis for a Phase II ground follow-up exploration program.

Western Area Blocks

The western properties occupy a key area within a known gold-hosting region. Historical records indicate that the belt is prospective for orogenic gold with more than 10 known occurrences in the immediate area. Field visits identified 1 new occurrence, with visible traces of gold hosted within extensive quartz veins that crosscut the schist of the Agusha-Gumu block. Samples from the vein system were submitted for assay and results are pending.

Satellite image interpretation was contracted to cover the western properties focussing on identification of alteration patterns to isolate prospective geology. This interpretation was integrated with the airborne data and geological information to identify priority targets.

The magnetic-radiometric survey in the west totalled 3,436 line kilometres and covered more than 60% of the property. The survey results, in conjunction with the geological information and satellite interpretation, were successful in identifying at least 17 priority gold target areas. One of the most prospective target areas is believed to be a large intrusion, identified in the magnetic survey, that may represent the subsurface continuation of two small intrusive bodies with known historic gold occurrences.

Phase II Exploration

Avion now plans to execute an aggressive field-focused and step-wise follow-up program of exploration (Phase II). In the Phase II program Avion plans to evaluate the priority targets identified through the integrated surveys completed in Phase I. Follow-up programs will involve detailed structural and geological mapping, extensive geochemical sampling and targeted prospecting. The first program is scheduled for the period of November-December 2007. This 6 to 8 week field program will focus on the priority target areas identified from the integrated targeting of the Northern Property. A similar follow-up program for the Western Property is scheduled to begin in January 2008.

Avion has proposed a budget for Phase II follow-up of the Northern Property targets of approximately CAD$700,000.

This press release has been reviewed and approved by Scott Jobin-Bevans, Ph.D., P.Geo., an independent consultant and Qualified Person pursuant to National Instrument 43-101, working with Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc., based in Sudbury, Ontario.

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