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January 04, 2008 16:08 ET

Achieving Customer Mindshare Through Advertising

Valerie Moul, President and CEO of Godfrey, Joins Prominent Marketing Communications Professionals in Contributing Chapters to New Business Book, "Achieving Customer Mindshare Through Advertising"

LANCASTER, PA--(Marketwire - January 4, 2008) -


Valerie Moul, president and CEO of Godfrey, Lancaster, PA, has been recognized as a marketing communications leader by being selected as an author in the recently released book, "Achieving Customer Mindshare through Advertising," published by Boston-based Aspatore Books. The book is an authoritative, insider's perspective on the key strategies for gaining, measuring and maintaining the evolving concept of mindshare.


-- Moul is one of several national marketing communications professionals who contributed insightful chapters to the book.

-- Moul's chapter is titled, "Effective Mindshare: Transforming Top-of-Mind Awareness into Bottom-Line Results." To download the complete chapter, click here:

Excerpts from Moul's Chapter

-- Building "effective mindshare" -- the kind that leads to increased revenues and profits -- requires building in the mind of the customer not only awareness, but interest and desire in the product or service to achieve a top-of-mind position when the customer takes action.

-- B-to-B marketers are discovering the value of deeper insights into their customers. This includes their demographic data, such as age, gender and ethnicity. It also includes their emotional drivers, on the job and in their lives; how they work; and where they like to get information. Key questions include: Do they still read magazines? What Web sites do they use? Do they still go to trade shows? Do they like Webcasts? Podcasts? Do they watch online video? Do they blog? How much work do they do at home? How do they commute?

-- In the B-to-B world, sales reps and sales engineers are essential in building a personal relationship that leads to closing sales. But using Web-based tactics to provide relevant information in a more cost-effective manner enables the sales force to focus on closing sales.

-- Building mindshare across the awareness-interest-desire-action (AIDA) spectrum is both an art and a science. The science involves the strategic and skillful use of "media" to deliver a message. The increasing complexity, fragmentation and "noise" level of the advertising environment make it more and more challenging to capture customer mindshare. That's where the art comes into play.

-- There are six basic principles that apply to all types of marketers reaching all kinds of customers with any and all kinds of media:

1. Stake out a single brand position.

2. Be unique.

3. Create resonance through relevance.

4. Use emotion for impact.

5. Focus the message and use frequency.

6. Keep promises -- live the brand.

Moul's Biography

-- Moul is president and CEO of Godfrey, a 60-person business-to-business marketing communications agency located in Lancaster, PA.

-- Moul has spent nearly all of her marketing communications career at Godfrey, starting as an art director.

-- Her dedication, along with a love for the creative arts and the business, allowed her to succeed to positions of senior art director, creative director, senior account executive and vice president of operations before becoming president and CEO in 1999.

-- Moul holds a B.A. degree from the Pennsylvania State University.


Kristen Skarupa, editor, Inside the Minds, Aspatore Books:

"We are delighted to have Ms. Moul as an author in our new 'Inside the Minds' book. Her excellent reputation in the advertising industry and client success stories make her an obvious author to share her thought leadership."

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