SOURCE: Adaptec, Inc.

October 31, 2006 08:30 ET

Adaptec Launches iSCSI Storage Software Solution

Adaptec OnTarget™ Enables Systems Integrators to Easily Create Cost Effective IP SAN Solutions That Deliver Advanced Data Protection Features and Simplified Storage Management

MILPITAS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2006 -- Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), a global leader in storage solutions, today announced Adaptec OnTarget, a comprehensive software solution that enables system integrators and solution providers to transform industry-standard servers into powerful, fully functional IP storage solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Introducing a new level of simplified storage management, Adaptec OnTarget is the first solution to allow SMBs to manage both Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and IP Storage Area Networks (IP SANs) via a single console, leveraging the same management application for both environments. This unique "one-view" management capability enables users to migrate to a storage network without the complexity and additional resources typically required when deploying a SAN.

Adaptec OnTarget is based on the company's third generation iSCSI virtualization and storage management software that has previously been sold through Adaptec OEM customers. Packed with enterprise-class features and the ability to support SCSI, Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI drives, Adaptec OnTarget opens up new markets for solution providers, enabling them to build differentiated IP SAN products at attractive profit margins. Systems integrators such as IZON Technologies and Variel Technologies will be leveraging Adaptec OnTarget software to deliver comprehensive storage solutions for capacity management, back-up optimization and high data availability.

Massachusetts-based IZON Technologies, a custom manufacturer and supplier of scalable, affordable digital security surveillance systems, is using Adaptec OnTarget to build flexible storage solutions for high-quality video applications.

"Today's video surveillance systems can require hundreds of terabytes of storage," said Jim Hatch, CTO at IZON Technologies. "An IP SAN solution is perfect for my customers' storage needs as they all have an Ethernet network that is readily available. Adaptec OnTarget allows us to build better storage solutions that fit a broader range of markets. Now we can provide our customers with a complete video surveillance system that offers the redundancy and data protection they need at a price point that allows us to make money and also pass significant savings on to our customers."

Another systems integrator, Variel Technologies, delivers turnkey storage solutions targeted at the SMB market.

"Right now we are seeing that the need to migrate data from Microsoft Exchange or SQL Servers to networked storage is dramatically increasing in the SMB market," said Ali Asvadi, president of Variel Technologies. "With Adaptec OnTarget, we can offer IP SAN solutions that incorporate the features our customers most request -- application consistent snapshots for reduced backup and recovery time, synchronous mirroring for data redundancy, and advanced data protection for increased fault tolerance -- without the added cost that you normally see with this type of product. By using Adaptec OnTarget software, our storage offerings are on par with much more expensive products."

Adaptec OnTarget Features and Benefits

--  Ease-of-Use - Adaptec OnTarget has been specifically designed with
    features tailored to meet the needs of SMB customers including Adaptec
    Storage Manager, an application that provides a "one-view" DAS and SAN
    management console and wizard-based menus for simplifying complex, and time-
    consuming operations.  Adaptec OnTarget also offers automatic provisioning
    and volume expansion, two features that significantly reduce the complexity
    associated with traditional SAN solutions.
--  Backup and Recovery - By integrating with Microsoft ™ VSS technology,
    Adaptec OnTarget enables companies to capture "true data" application
    consistent snapshots that are tightly integrated with critical business
    applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. Adaptec OnTarget
    provides up to 256 "point-in-time" snapshots and automated scheduling for
    simplified back-up and improved recovery time.
--  Redundancy and High Availability - Adaptec OnTarget offers synchronous
    two-way mirroring with automatic failover which allows storage volumes to
    be mirrored between two fully redundant systems at different locations.  If
    one IP SAN appliance or the network connection fails, the secondary IP SAN
    appliance will automatically and transparently take over -- providing
    consistent access to critical data without disruption to users or
--  Data Protection - Through tight integration with Adaptec RAID
    controllers, Adaptec OnTarget offers standard RAID levels (RAID 0, RAID 1,
    RAID 5, RAID 10 and RAID 50), support for multiple RAID levels in a single
    iSCSI system, and storage monitoring for fault detection.  In addition,
    this unique integration provides advanced RAID functionality, such as
    protection against the simultaneous failure of two disk drives with RAID 6,
    high-performance RAID 5EE, battery back-up cache and support for global hot
"While we have regularly delivered our software intellectual property to market as a part of various hardware solutions and will continue to do so, Adaptec's strength has increasingly been in delivering innovative and simplified storage software," said Marc Lowe, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Emerging Business Unit. "Adaptec OnTarget is designed for the systems integrators serving the millions of SMBs worldwide who have yet to install a storage area network because they fear technical complexity and the need for additional IT resources. Adaptec OnTarget packs some very rich features into a simple to deploy and maintain turnkey software solution and then delivers an attractive business model for integrators interested in growing their businesses."

Pricing and Availability

Adaptec OnTarget iSCSI software is currently available to qualified system integrators and comes pre-installed on a bootable IDE flash disk module. It is scalable up to 75TB of network storage and will support up to 512 host connections. It is priced to allow solution providers to compete in the SMB marketplace at a variety of levels. See or call 1-800-442-7274 for more details.

About Adaptec

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