SOURCE: Adaptec

October 26, 2007 16:05 ET

Adaptec and Steel Partners Announce Settlement Agreement

Steel Partners Agrees to End Election Contest

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - October 26, 2007) - Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), a global leader in storage solutions, and Steel Partners II, L.P. ("Steel Partners"), which beneficially owns approximately 15% of the Company's outstanding shares, today announced that they have entered into a settlement agreement.

Under the terms of the settlement, the Company has agreed to nominate and solicit proxies for three Steel Partners representatives for election at its upcoming 2007 Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on December 13, 2007 to join what will become a nine-member board. Steel Partners has agreed to withdraw its preliminary proxy statement containing its opposing slate of nominees and to end its proxy solicitation.

The Company agreed to expand its Board of Directors from eight to nine members. Current directors Judith M. O'Brien and Charles J. Robel will not stand for re-election. Upon election at the Annual Meeting, Steel Partners' nominees John Mutch, John J. Quicke and Jack L. Howard will be appointed to the Company's Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Governance Committees, respectively.

"We are pleased to reach an agreement with Steel Partners that allows us to work together to deliver value to the Company's stockholders, while continuing to provide quality solutions to its customers," said S. "Sundi" Sundaresh, President and CEO of Adaptec. "We want to thank Charles and Judith for their expertise and dedication while serving on Adaptec's Board of Directors until the stockholder meeting."

On behalf of Steel Partners and its nominees, Jack Howard stated, "We are delighted to have reached a settlement with Adaptec on these important matters. We look forward to working together with Sundi and the rest of the Board to increase value for all stockholders."


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Steel Partners II, L.P. is a New York-based private investment partnership.


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