September 17, 2007 08:38 ET Offers ''Social Networking with a Purpose'' with Launch of Comprehensive Online Community For College Admissions

PRINCETON, N.J.--(Collegiate Presswire - September 17, 2007) - Admish, a free online community for college admissions, today announced the official launch of The most comprehensive online community of its kind, Admish connects everyone involved in the college admissions process, including students, college admissions officers, high school guidance counselors, parents, college access programs, teachers, and other educators. More than just an online home for student profiles, Admish takes popular "online playgrounds" like MySpace and Facebook to the next level, utilizing their best aspects to give social networking a purpose - to enhance the college admissions process from every perspective.

Founded by students for students, Admish offers deep, direct access to a wide range of tools, advice, and information about college admissions, including: The Admishionary, an A-Z guide that walks applicants through every step of the process; detailed resources and forms for financial aid and scholarships; online chats with admissions officers; school blogs; and more. This honest, insider content is available through Admish's exclusive relationships with leading college preparatory and admissions organizations such as The Princeton Review, and with top college administrators, non-profit educational groups, financial professionals from companies such as Morgan Stanley, and other industry experts. All content is available in both English and Spanish.

"The college admissions process becomes more competitive and rigorous each year - not only for students and parents trying to get into their schools of choice, but for the admissions officers tasked with assembling a bright, diverse freshman class," said Bradley Milne, Co-Founder of Admish. "Admish leverages the web to make this process more efficient, and more interactive, for everyone involved. This is part of an emerging trend we're seeing to adapt and channel the power of social networking towards serving a specific, meaningful purpose."

At, students can create a free, interactive admissions profile with both text and multimedia content, search more than 5,000 accredited universities in the U.S., and get candid advice straight from university insiders to find the best school for their specific needs. Meanwhile, colleges can use Admish's targeted searching and other unique tools to easily find qualified applicants worldwide - making the site ideal for American and international students alike. Parents, guidance counselors, teachers, and other educators can also join the community to network with students and each other, and to access free informational resources, interact with renowned experts, and gain valuable insight into the admissions process. Admish offers complete privacy, security, and authentication for all online activity.

"Today, the college admissions process starts long before senior year, when students finally fill out and submit their applications. Admish jumpstarts the process for everyone involved, truly preparing students to get into college by helping them build strong academic and personal profiles, set specific goals for their future, and provide the necessary tools and resources to enable them to find success," said Kyla Kupferstein, Director of College Guidance at Admish. Kupferstein is a key member of Admish's leadership team, bringing deep experience in college counseling and admissions. With an Ed. M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Kupferstein was previously the Director of Recruitment and Admissions for the Albert G. Oliver Program. She has also held college advising and counseling positions at top secondary schools including Phillips Academy Andover and The Brearley School, as well as non-profits like Sponsors for Educational Opportunity.

Now available as a public Beta, all users can logon to Admish to create profiles, access resources, build valuable personal networks, and get a head-start on college admissions for 2008 enrollment and beyond. To take a self-guided tour, browse the Admishionary, or join the Admish community today, visit

About Admish

Admish is a free online community connecting everyone involved in the college admissions process, including students, parents, college admission officers, and high school guidance counselors - along with other educators, coaches, and caring adults. With interactive profiles for students and schools, comprehensive resources like the Admishionary A-Z guide, online chats with admissions officers, partnerships with college preparatory organizations like The Princeton Review, and more, Admish is social networking with a purpose: to simplify college admissions from every perspective, and allow students and schools alike to find the best match for their pursuits. Admish puts a face on college admissions - offering a secure environment that enables schools to find qualified applicants worldwide, as easily as students can find the right schools. For more information, visit

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