September 18, 2009 08:00 ET

AeroStatus Is Now Available in Multiple Languages

NICOSIA, CYPRUS--(Marketwire - Sept. 18, 2009) - AeroStatus, the world's largest provider of free flight status information to mobile phones using text messages or email, is now providing flight information in ten languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.

AeroStatus became the world's preferred source of such flight information for several reasons:

- the service works anywhere in the world

- AeroStatus is provided free of charge to all its users.

- there is just one number to remember

- AeroStatus is extremely simple to use. Anybody who knows how to send a simple text message (SMS) or email can use it

- information is provided about virtually any flight in the world. AeroStatus constantly monitors flights connecting thousands of airports around the world

- only one request is needed to receive automatic flight status alerts.

"AeroStatus was born out of a frustration with the way current flight information is obtained," says Vladimir Spirin, President and CEO of AeroStatus Corporation. "Usually people call airports or airlines or go online to get flight information, which is costly, especially when roaming, takes a lot of time, and is sometimes not possible at all due to language barriers. Even with all the advances in mobile communication technology, most people found it difficult and inconvenient to get even basic information like the time of departure or arrival or details of any delays as there was no single source of information. We created AeroStatus to change this situation forever. AeroStatus re-defined the way people get flight information. No more wasting time and money - use your mobile phone to get flight status information instantly, about virtually any flight, anywhere in the world, in your preferred language. For free! Just send a text message (SMS) or email with the flight number to the single AeroStatus number and all the relevant information is instantly delivered to your mobile device."

About AeroStatus

AeroStatus is the global leader in delivering real-time flight status information to mobile phones using text messages (SMS) or email. Using innovative technologies and breakthrough methods for processing flight data, AeroStatus is unrivaled in its ability to provide a single, accurate source of flight information anywhere in the world.

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