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September 26, 2007 08:30 ET

Airwide Unveils Enhanced Device Intelligence to Enable Targeted Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Operators Can Now Deliver Content Optimized for Individual Devices -- Dramatically Improving Campaign Effectiveness and Enhancing Subscriber Satisfaction

BURLINGTON, MA and READING, UK--(Marketwire - September 26, 2007) - Airwide Solutions, the leading provider of next-generation mobile messaging infrastructure and applications, today announced a device intelligence solution that helps operators improve service quality and user experience, and opens up additional revenue opportunities -- all through more refined subscriber content targeting. Airwide's device intelligence solution enables operators to deliver device-appropriate content optimized for specific handsets, and improves the performance of MMS and other mobile marketing campaigns via the pre-transcoding of messages. In addition to increasing MMS service revenues by encouraging widespread service uptake, this enables mobile marketers and content providers to easily tailor content specifically for their target audience, thus improving campaign effectiveness.

Since a large percentage of handsets are sold in retail stores, historically operators have lacked visibility into the devices on their network, making it difficult to plan mobile marketing campaigns and predict whether the introduction of new applications and services would be successful. Airwide's device intelligence lets operators learn exactly which devices are currently in use on the network and by whom, and whether a subscriber's device has MMS capabilities so they can better target optimized content to the appropriate audience. The solution also offers valuable demographic trend information including the top 10 device "make and models" used on an operator's network, the fastest growing device make and models on the network, rate of penetration of new devices and the rate of device turnover.

"With unprecedented visibility into their subscriber base, operators will be able to stay ahead of the competition, grow messaging revenues and increase subscriber satisfaction and loyalty to the brand," said Vince Kadar, CTO of Airwide Solutions. "Through real-time, reliable and specific information about the handsets on their network, mobile operators can unlock their messaging revenue growth potential by providing the right content, in the right format, to the right people."

Uncover new revenue and encourage brand loyalty

Advanced content and functionality like MMS, email, music and video distribution are already generating billions of dollars in revenue for operators and offer vast potential for further growth. Airwide's real-time device intelligence gives operators the information they need to decide what particular services are right for their network and subscribers, how to implement those services, whom to target, and the advance information required to optimize the quality and user experience of those services. This enables more accurate revenue estimates, minimizes risk and can help uncover previously hidden revenue opportunities within the subscriber base.

By leveraging demographic trend information in mobile marketing campaigns and the rollout of new products and services (like mobile social networking and mobile video), operators can gauge subscriber readiness to accurately predict which applications the market will adopt, avoiding unnecessary costs of introducing new services on speculation. In addition, by knowing in advance the specific devices used by each person, operators and content providers can properly adapt content to increase the viability of marketing campaigns and improve user experience for MMS and other feature-rich applications. Ultimately, by better targeting content to the right subscribers and by ensuring that all demographics on their network are adequately served, operators have a powerful solution for maximizing data service revenue and encouraging brand loyalty.

In some markets, a significant handset subsidy is commonplace, so proposing new handsets for free or at discounted rates is a significant factor in customer retention. With Airwide's device intelligence, operators can identify which customers have a device that is a target for a specific marketing campaign. For example, an operator could contact subscribers with handsets that are more than three years old with an offer to upgrade their handset.

Device Intelligence Packages

Airwide's device intelligence relies on the device detection and identification capabilities provided by the company's AirGuard EIR to provide insight into the devices in use on an operator's network. Aggregate trend information and specific individualized data are available through two distinct packages -- Data Mining and Device Register.

--  Data Mining -- The Data Mining package enables operators to access pre-
    defined reports about the demographic trends relating to device use on the
    network.  The trend information available through these reports can help
    operators anticipate changes in the business landscape and adjust their
    services and network to match changes in the market and subscriber
--  Device Register -- Through the Device Register package, operators can
    identify exactly which device a subscriber is using, providing real-time
    information that can help them more accurately target which applications to
    roll out, when, and to whom.  This will help operators avoid rolling out
    applications that the subscriber base is not ready for or neglect a service
    that has the potential to generate millions of dollars of revenue.

Pricing and availability

Device intelligence will be available in Q4 2007 and requires the use of AirGuard EIR.

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