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November 01, 2007 14:00 ET

Aizan Technologies: Wilkes University Has Its Emergency Communications Ducks in a Row

University Proactively Uses Aizan's EMA Solution To Effectively Communicate Recent Incident Alert

WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA and TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2007) - Wilkes University, an independent institution of higher education based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, has successfully used Aizan's Enhanced Messaging Application (EMA) as a proactive measure in response to a recent on-campus crime. Campus security stepped ahead of rumors and unnecessary alarm by using the emergency communications tool to effectively manage a potential security threat and bring calm to the campus community quickly.

In the October 2007 incident, a Wilkes University assistant football coach was stabbed in the abdomen by a man he found rummaging through his car. The coach suffered a minor stab wound and was taken by ambulance to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for treatment.

"After immediately receiving all the incident's facts, we activated Aizan's EMA -- our urgent alert system, to deliver text and voice alerts to the campus community," says Wilkes University Associate Director Marketing Communications Christine Seitzinger. "Federal law mandates us to communicate any possible threat to the campus community. That's why EMA is such a great tool because it's our most effective way to quickly distribute information and penetrate it deeply into our campus community."

EMA is a hosted interactive communication and notification system used by school districts and institutions of higher education. The solution, used for urgent and emergency campus communications, provides notification and communication of activities to students, faculty and staff, delivering focused information to each. EMA provides true 360-degree communication allowing urgent information to be pulled and/or pushed using common technology, the telephone.

"We used EMA to disseminate a voice announcement describing the individual and to immediately call the police if sighted," says Wilkes University Director Campus Support Services Christopher Bailey. "During this incident, we supplemented text messages by asking residents to go to the campus web portal or call the Aizan InfoLINE for current details.

"We didn't send out this message because by law we had to," adds Bailey. "We issued it because we believe in transparency and protecting our campus. EMA allows us to do this in a very efficient and effective manner. In the past we would post flyers on academic and resident doors. We still do that but there is a time delay in this method. It takes a lot longer than using the Aizan EMA system."

"One of the lessons learned from Virginia Tech is the way bureaucracy and policy hinders communications," adds Seitzinger. "It significantly delayed the ability local police and the people who had the situational awareness to rapidly communicate with others at risk. There were a lot of policies and procedures they had to exercise to get an emergency notification out. Using Aizan's EMA solution solves that problem of a delayed response."

Aizan's EMA augments Wilkes' already robust emergency communication procedures which include mass emails, phone hotlines, a web-based news delivery system and many emergency phones in campus buildings with direct dialing capability to the public safety office.

Aizan Technologies ( is a leading provider of Enhanced Voice Applications and Hosted IVR services. Its EMA hosted solution:

- Improves the dependability and consistency of messages - Messages can be sent to multiple contact numbers, increasing the likelihood of the message being received. Recorded messages, from the voice of authority, are presented consistently to all recipients.

- Saves staff time and cost - Thousands of messages are sent in minutes; a tiny fraction of the time compared to arcane phone trees or manually dialed messages. Contact lists are prepared in advance, centrally stored and secured, allowing immediate response when needed.

- Improves safety - Timely information means emergency personnel and the wider campus community remain informed while allowing University officials to focus on event management and resolution.

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