Town of Ajax

Town of Ajax

August 25, 2010 11:00 ET

Ajax Takes on Voter Apathy With Aggressive Get Out the Vote Campaign

AJAX, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 25, 2010) -

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In the 2006 election, 23% of eligible voters in Ajax cast their ballot. The Ontario average is 30%. The Town of Ajax is taking this statistic seriously and is doing something about it.

In a time when voter turnout is at an all-time low, the Town of Ajax is answering with an aggressive campaign, called "Vote - It Matters!", to get eligible voters out to voting locations.

In its largest-ever promotional campaign, a first of its kind for a municipal election in Ontario, Ajax is getting the word out on the streets, through traditional media, social media, and online with a collection of attention-grabbing tools, including street banners, promotional give-aways and a sleek website portal –

The centrepiece of the promotional campaign is a "Get Out the Vote" video, featuring some of Ajax's home-grown celebrities and residents, who urge those eligible residents to take their vote seriously. From Sum 41, Farley Flex, Glenn Healy and Ian Sorita to Ken Shaw, Keith Godding and Nigel Wilson, the video has gone viral on the Town's election website, Facebook fan page and YouTube channel

"When election time comes around, residents across Ontario see the same, traditional election campaigns over and over again," said Christie McLardie, Manager of Communications for the Town of Ajax. "With this grassroots approach and the goal to engage a tech-savvy generation, we hope to not only increase voter turn-out this year in Ajax, but inspire all eligible voters in Ontario."

Stepping out even further from a typical "one size fits all" campaign, Ajax is digging deeper, educating the public, targeting key groups (Students, Professionals, Older Adults, New Residents, and Ethnic Demographic) and engaging electors throughout the entire campaign period. Leading up to October 25, the Town will push election key messages aimed towards Ajax's diverse electorate.

One of the new strategies the Town is promoting is the "vote anywhere solution" which allows voters to cast their ballot at any public voting place in the Town – not restricting them to vote in their own ward. This is a tactic to provide convenient opportunities to vote – near their work, a childcare centre, or on their way to running an errand.

The Town also wants to use this campaign to engage all those with the ability to influence. "Voter turnout is a shared responsibility," adds McLardie. "In order for this campaign to be effective, we are relying on the candidates, media outlets and voters themselves to spread the word.

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