Nightingale Informatix Corporation

Nightingale Informatix Corporation

January 10, 2005 15:38 ET

The Alberta Orthopaedic Society 'AOS' and Alberta Bone & Joint Health 'ABJH' Announce Partnership Agreement with Nightingale Informatix Corporation



JANUARY 10, 2005 - 15:38 ET

The Alberta Orthopaedic Society 'AOS' and Alberta Bone
& Joint Health 'ABJH' Announce Partnership Agreement
with Nightingale Informatix Corporation

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 10, 2005) - The Alberta
Orthopaedic Society (AOS) and Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute
(the "Institute") announced today that it has reached an agreement with
Nightingale Informatix Corporation of Markham, Ontario to license
Nightingale's Enterprise Practice Management and Electronic Medical
Record tools. The Nightingale system will be delivered to all of their
members in the province of Alberta using the Application Service
Provider (ASP) model.

The AOS and the Institute are engaged in a province wide initiative to
provide innovative ways to improve the delivery of health care services
to bone and joint patients. The provincial implementation of an
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a key enabling strategy for the
enhancement of bone and joint health services in Alberta. AOS & the
Institute are in the position to advance the implementation of practical
EMR standard of all bone and joint providers.

After close evaluation of various VCUR (Vendor Conformance and Usability
Requirements) certified products, AOS has selected Nightingale
Informatix as the company with the EMR software that best suits the
needs of the members of AOS and the Institutes vision. Nightingale's
Enterprise Edition is a true Application Service Provider (ASP)
solution, delivered through a highly secure web-connection and
two-factor authentication capable of managing multiple physical
locations in real time.

The "Patient Centric" architecture of the Nightingale system, combined
with flexible data capture methodology will enable AOS and the Institute
to collect valuable clinical data that will be aggregated and analyzed
for the purpose of improving the delivery of quality care. In addition,
the innovative tools of Nightingale, such as the Automated
TeleAttendant, Web based Patient Access portal, PC Dictation tools, with
real time notification will provide practice efficiencies and add
tangible value to the Orthopaedic Surgeons in Alberta.

"Our objective is to provide our members with the best practice and
clinical management products to improve the efficiency of the physician
practices and improve the quality of care through proper access to real
time information" said Dr. Don Dick, President of Alberta Orthopaedic
Society. "The Nightingale ASP Enterprise Solution allows us to offer a
leading edge EMR solution on a central platform, while eliminating the
IT burdens associated with conventional EMR solutions. We will be
working closely with Nightingale to develop best practice and customized
clinical templates and treatment profiles to make available to our
members in an effort to standardize the clinical data capture on a
"patient centric" model".

In the short term, this partnership will allow AOS to implement a
standard Nightingale EMR system for all Orthopaedic Surgeons in Alberta
within the next 12 months. Once implemented participating physicians
will immediately increase capture rate of patient information. As this
relationship matures between AOS and Nightingale, we are determined to
enhance the EMR solution to address the various needs of Orthopaedic
Surgeons in Alberta. The Nightingale EMR solution will become the root
of patient centric data collection for the entire continuum of care.

"The Alberta Orthopaedic Society and the Institute have taken a
leadership role in accelerating the adoption of technology amongst
healthcare providers on a patient centric model. It is a vision most
governments are working towards" said Sam Chebib, Nightingale's CEO.
"This partnership will increase the efficiency of physician practices
and the quality of patient care. The AOS approached us with a bold
vision to broaden the use of technology within the practice of medicine.
While initiated in Alberta we are convinced that the solutions we are
implementing will have direct application to physicians and specialists
within their respective National and Provincial medical associations.
Nightingale is planning to work closely with AOS and the Institute to
insure the successful implementation of this exciting project".

AOS has entered into a long term licensing agreement with Nightingale
Informatrix. The Nightingale & AOS team will begin the roll out of the
project in the first quarter of 2005.

AOS will make the Nightingale EMR solution available to all its 150
members. The special terms available under this agreement may be made
available, at AOS discretion, to associated family physicians and
specialists participating in the continuum of care.

About AOS & the Institute:

AOS represents over 150 Orthopaedic Surgeons in the Province of Alberta.
The successful implementation of an EMR solution will become the
foundation of data capture in Orthopaedics. This initiative will enable
the transformation from the current care model to a fully integrated
continuum of care model with the goals of reducing wait lists and
improving patient solutions through effective use of empirical data. The
Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute is an umbrella organization for
bone and joint research, education and health care in the province. It
is composed of a network of partners including health care
professionals, the provincial health regions, the Alberta government and
universities throughout the province.

About Nightingale Informatix:

Nightingale Informatix Corporation is Canada's largest Application
Service Provider of Practice and Clinical management solutions and
services for outpatient clinics. Nightingale's suite of products offer
Canadian & US physicians leading edge functionality for Patient
Scheduling, Claims Processing, Work Flow tools, Clinical documentation,
Laboratory Interfaces, Document Management and real-time Patient
Services. OpenX Technologies and VisionMD are wholly owned subsidiaries
of Nightingale Informatix Corporation. Nightingale services customers in
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia
and New Brunswick.


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