SOURCE: The Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment

January 03, 2008 13:42 ET

AllSAFE Applauds New Fuels Amendment to Clean Air Act

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - January 3, 2008) - Ewire -- Today, the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment (AllSAFE) applauded the recent enactment of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The Act contains an amendment to the Clean Air Act, strongly supported by AllSAFE, that requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure adequate testing of new fuels and fuel additives before they are brought to market.

"Adequate testing of new alternative fuels will better inform EPA and the more than 250 million American consumers who use watercraft, outdoor power equipment, snowmobiles, motorcycles, non-road and other gas-powered vehicles," said AllSAFE spokesman Kris Kiser. "A few decades ago, the market saw new fuels come and go with damaging effects and without appropriate oversight and review. The AllSAFE coalition is pleased that the Energy Bill with the new fuels amendment will help ensure that new, alternative fuels will not cause harm to consumers and insure the long-term viability of the alternative fuels market."

The Act requires EPA to undertake a public notice and comment process and approve or deny new renewable fuels and fuel additives within an expedited time frame. The amendment ensures that the introduction of new renewable fuels and additives into the national fuel supply will be done safely and with a full understanding of its impacts on all types of vehicles and equipment.

AllSAFE ( is a coalition of national consumer, manufacturing and gasoline retailers associations that represent manufacturers of products powered by gasoline and ethanol-fuel blends or distributors of such fuels. AllSAFE speaks on fuel-related legislation for over 250 million Americans that own over 400 million products, including recreational boats and marine engines, chainsaws, lawnmowers, motor vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, generators, and related vehicles and equipment.

AllSAFE's purpose is to assure all new bio-based fuels and other alternative fuels are promoted in a thoughtful manner that is safe and will not harm consumers and the environment, or the economic infrastructure, both manufacturing and retail.

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