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November 05, 2009 11:15 ET

Alma de Agave: Discover the Taste of Tequila in an Incredibly Smooth Way

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 5, 2009) - Finally, tequila aficionados have an affordable, ultra premium tequila that lives up to its name. Recently introduced to the New York/New Jersey market, Alma de Agave ("Soul of the Agave") tequila is considered one of the smoothest tequilas ever produced.

In a marketplace that has a vast variety of tequilas, "Alma Tequila" stands apart from the rest by offering an all-natural, 100% handmade tequila with incredible low levels of methanol (toxins cause the infamous "day after" headaches) at a low price never before available to consumers.

Unlike most industrialized tequilas, "Alma" is still made from its family's 85-year-old recipe, distilled in small batches from 100% blue Weber agave plants grown on the family estate in Jalisco, Mexico. "Alma de Agave is 100% natural," according to Carlos Flores, Vice President of Production for 'Alma.' Flores added, "We add an additional chilling step to remove any oils or greases derived from the slow distillation process which results in an incredibly smooth tasting tequila."

Even more impressive, the "Alma" bottle is 100% hand-crafted, no one bottle is the same. The unique rectangle shaped bottles of Alma tequila are true works of authentic craftsmanship, the bottles are hand-molded by true artisans and topped with 100% natural wood corks imported from Portugal.

"Consumers will find that currently in the marketplace, there are premium tequilas and cheaper priced tequilas. The price point differential is significant and sometimes consumers are settling for less quality in order to afford a tequila, 'Alma' changes the equation, we are priced lower than the premium brands to offer consumers a choice without sacrificing quality and taste," states Russell Terlecki, Managing Partner and Head of East Coast Operations for Xamay Importers, the exclusive brand owner and importer of Alma Tequila.

At a recent critic's tasting, Alex Ott, 5 times Master Mixologist of the Year, tasted Alma tequila and offered the following praise and recommendations to consumers, "Alma Tequila breaks from tradition with a modern interpretation of this classic spirit to create unique flavor combinations in mixed specialty drinks."

"Its profile starts with a sweet aroma, continuing with deep and full nuances of the soil, grapefruit, honey, and vanilla, making it perfect in high end cocktails as well as by itself," added Alex. "I think Alma will be the next base for cocktail lovers everywhere that brings tequila to a whole new audience!"

Whether a tequila drinker or not, "Alma De Agave" kills any stereotypes of tequila. "We are confident you will enjoy our smooth, great tasting, all-natural tequila," proclaimed Terlecki.

Alma tequila was also recently added to the spirits menu at the award-winning Copper Canyon Restaurant of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey by Chef and owner Michael Krikorian. "Alma is not your Tequila of the week," said Krikorian. "Its taste and smoothness are remarkable and a tequila I am proud to serve my customers."

Alma de Agave is offered in the U.S. in three brands, available on 750 ml bottles.

Anejo (Extra Aged): Matured in oak barrels for eighteen months producing a honey taste with a natural wood scented aroma.

Reposado (Aged): Six month aging in natural oak barrels producing a pure and rich agave flavor.

Blanco (Silver): Aged for fifty days, a pure and natural structure, soft and smooth taste.

Alma de Agave tequila is currently available in the states of New York, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, California and Nevada.

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