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August 12, 2008 08:00 ET

Alpha Intervention Sheds Light on Addiction Issues in Upper Management

Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol Can Have Catastrophic Consequences on a Company; Alpha Intervention Brings Respect and Solutions to the Board Room

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - Alpha Intervention, a leading company specializing in executive chemical dependency, today publicly announces its services as a carefully managed therapeutic resource for companies struggling with addiction within their leadership. The company, founded by recovery specialist and businesswoman Kate Webster, focuses on drug and alcohol addiction problems affecting people who play a critical role in a company's success. The issue of addiction exists in all industries and at all levels, yet the lack of resources for people in the upper echelons of a company prompted the founder to fill the void.

"Traditionally, when a company begins to feel the affects of an addict or alcoholic's disruptive behavior, the Human Resource department steps in and provides solutions for the employee," stated Founder and President Kate Webster. "Yet a crisis situation at the executive level falls outside the scope of Human Resource capabilities, and therefore requires a unique approach to the Intervention and recovery process." Alpha Intervention provides a structured and closely managed process, effectively intervening on the addiction and implementing consequences previously avoided due to the senior executive's position and role in the company.

Alpha Intervention is unique in its service because the members of the team understand the situation not only from the addiction counseling perspective, but also from their prior experience running successful companies.

The Alpha Intervention process:

1.    The Assessment -- The Alpha team consults with the relevant parties
      in the organization, deciding on the best course of action, taking
      into account the specific requirements of the addicted person's role
      in the company and advising on the most appropriate and effective
      course of action.

2.    The Intervention -- The Alpha team creates an environment where the
      difficult conversation takes place between the executive with the
      addiction and the other key members of the organization. The
      addiction problem and its effects on the company are outlined clearly
      and appropriate solutions are presented to the addicted person.
      Treatment recommendations are outlined and the consequences of not
      following them made clear.

3.    Re-Entry to the Workplace -- Often the most complex part of the
      Intervention process, the Alpha Intervention Re-Entry program puts
      recovery coaches in place to help the individual transition back into
      the workplace and maintain long-term sobriety. A stringent one-year
      contract allows for closely monitored random drug and alcohol testing
      and after-care therapy that greatly increases the chances of success.

"Kate's life experiences provide a rich background that serves her well as an interventionist for high level business executives," says Jan Vondracheck, executive director, Hazelden Springbrook. "The clients that have been referred from Kate thus far to Hazelden Springbrook, speak highly of Kate and of their experience in working with her. We're very excited to hear about the work that Kate is doing with executives, as this is an area in which she is keenly competent. We look forward to working with Kate and Alpha Intervention."

For more information about addiction at the management level and Alpha Intervention, please visit or call (415) 308-2108.

About Alpha Intervention

Founded in 2003, the Alpha Intervention team, made up of a highly trained network of specialists, provides a closely managed therapeutic process of intervention and recovery for the corporate environment. Alpha Intervention has offices in San Francisco, New York, London and works with credited treatment centers throughout the United States.

About Kate Webster, founder and president

Kate Webster is a successful business executive with over fifteen years experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Europe. Webster brings a unique combination of this strong business background and experience as an Executive Interventionist in the field of chemical dependency. She has created a unique one-year treatment model, with the focus on successful re-entry into the workplace and long-term recovery.

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