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November 07, 2007 11:28 ET

Alternative Energy Markets Poised to Dominate in 2008

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - November 7, 2007) - “Between the reality of peak oil, energy security issues and global warming legislation, the demand for alternative energy integration is massive,” says Jeff Siegel, managing editor of the investment advisory service “Green Chip Stocks.” Siegel is the original alternative energy guru, and recently appeared on CNBC’s “Green – The Color of Money” series, where he discussed top picks for alternative energy stocks in 2008.

Are the traditional American utility companies adopting the technologies Siegel covers in his publication? According to Siegel, "They are going to have to. More than 50% of the states in this country have renewable portfolio standards... They are going to have to meet that standard with some kind of renewable whether it's solar, wind or geothermal."

Siegel notes that solar energy stocks did well in 2007, but for 2008 he is "looking at solar companies that can provide systems that don't use silicon, or use a very small amount." First Solar is the perfect example of how well a solar stock can perform when the company isn't tied to high silicon prices. He points out that "a lot of people look at the silicon crunch as a problem, but we see it as something we are pretty excited about because it's really forcing the industry to evolve more rapidly."

Expanding on this point, Siegel says, "In the next couple of years we are going to see a lot more building integrated photovoltaics as well as organic photovoltaics and nano scale solar."

Siegel goes on in the interview on CNBC to discuss other options for building a green portfolio including details on geothermal energy options.

To read a copy of Siegel’s most recent alternative energy stocks report, “Top Three Alternative Energy Sectors Report for 2008,” click here:

This report was filed by Nick Hodge. Hodge is editor of "Green Chip Review" and a frequent contributor to "Green Chip Stocks."

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