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February 16, 2010 09:18 ET

Altova Version 2010 Release 2 Delivers Significant Speed and Performance Enhancements Across Its MissionKit Product Line

New 64-Bit Version Altova MissionKit Reduces Limitations Associated With Working With Large XML Files

BEVERLY, MA--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) - Altova® (, creator of XMLSpy®, the industry leading XML editor, today announced the availability of Version 2010 Release 2 (v2010r2) of the Altova MissionKit®, an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Version 2010 Release 2 provides users with new, native 64-bit versions of all Altova MissionKit tools to take advantage of the benefits delivered by 64-bit operating systems and to reduce the limitations associated with working with files sized 100-200 MB and larger*. Other key performance optimizations present in both 32- and 64-bit product versions include faster file loading times, quicker XML Schema-based validation, and more. The release of v2010r2 also delivers powerful usability features, including support for Microsoft® SharePoint® Server in XMLSpy, support for the latest UML version, 2.3, in UModel®, support for IBM® iSeries 6.1 across all database-enabled tools, and much more.

"Many software developers are running up against the memory limitation inherent in all 32-bit applications. At the same time, XML files are getting larger and larger as organizations capture and encode more data in XML than ever before, and people are increasingly hitting the limitations of their development tools," said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. "With the release of Version 2010r2, we're helping to reduce the limitations development teams are facing when working with extremely large XML files. We've addressed this both by adding 64-bit versions of our tools, and by delivering many new performance enhancing features in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the MissionKit 2010 Release 2."

Each of the tools available in the Altova MissionKit 2010r2 includes several new features:

-- XMLSpy 2010r2 - With the release of v2010r2, the XMLSpy XML editor receives a host of performance enhancements, including a native 64-bit version that allows users take advantage of the speed and performance optimizations associated with 64-bit operating systems while processing XML files that are 100 MB or larger. With the new 64-bit XMLSpy, the only limitation for working with very large files should be the available memory on the user's machine. For users working in Text View in either the 32 or 64-bit versions, v2010r2 contains optimized loading times -- up to 10 times faster -- for files 10 MB or greater. XML Schema-based validation is also now up to three times faster in Text View. Users performing common operations (e.g., copy/paste, etc.) on large files in Grid View may now experience results 10-100 times faster! This latest release also introduces an often requested feature allowing users to compile and run C++ code autogenerated by XMLSpy on the Linux platform. XMLSpy 2010r2 also now supports the check-in/checkout/undo checkout versioning functionality on the Microsoft SharePoint Server as well as support for HTTPS when creating SOAP requests and debugging SOAP transmissions.

-- MapForce 2010r2 - Several features, including a new 64-bit version, add more power and flexibility to the MapForce® data mapping tool. In v2010r2 several frequently requested data processing functions have been added, giving users more ability to split strings in mapped fields based on a substring (tokenize) or a regular expression (tokenize-regexp), or split data into chucks of equal size (tokenize-by-length). For users working with X12 EDI, MapForce 2010r2 can now be configured to automatically create a mapping from an X12 input message to an X12 997 functional acknowledgement message. The latest release of MapForce also gives users the flexibility to automatically reassign child connections when updating a mapping, employ external C# and Java functions in mapping transformations, and add C# and Java functions to the MapForce data processing function library by simply selecting the .NET assemblies or Java class files to import.

-- StyleVision 2010r2 - Version 2010r2 of StyleVision®, Altova's visual stylesheet and electronic forms designer, is also now available in a 64-bit version. For users designing Authentic®, e-Forms, StyleVision now supports adding variables directly into the design template, rather than having to modify the underlying XML Schema. These variables give Authentic users rich choices for displaying their data and bring a whole new level of flexibility to the Authentic e-Form design process. Several usability enhancements for working with StyleVision designs have also been added in Version 2010r2, including keyboard shortcuts for moving layout boxes, the ability to define parameters for any design fragment used in a StyleVision design, support for vertical text, and enhanced header and footer options for print media.

-- Authentic 2010r2 - With this new release, the Authentic e-Form end user has more flexible options for how data is displayed on the form. For example, the Authentic e-Form can now include a check box that lets users choose to display a set of data as a table or plain text, and so on. In addition, a new 64-bit version of Authentic 2010 Release 2 is also now available to support users working on 64-bit operating systems.

-- UModel 2010r2 - A new 64-bit version and support for UML 2.3 are important new productivity-enhancing features added to Version 2010 Release 2 of the UModel UML tool. UML 2.3 is in the final ratification process by the OMG and contains numerous small refinements to classifiers, connectors, ports, and other elements, all of which are now supported in UModel 2010r2. For users creating sequence diagrams, Version 2010r2 includes an option to automatically split large sequence diagrams into smaller segments during diagram generation. These smaller segments are easier to analyze and can be combined into standard UML interaction overview diagrams to illustrate a more complete view of execution of the class operation.

-- DatabaseSpy 2010r2 - Adding to an already long list of supported databases, DatabaseSpy® 2010r2 and all other database-enabled MissionKit tools now support IBM's new iSeries version 6.1. Additionally, an option is now available for users wanting to employ the pure ODBC API instead of Altova's native support for a specific database. Altova's multi-database query, design, and compare tool is also available in a 64-bit version for users working with large datasets or comparing contents of very large database tables.

-- DiffDog 2010r2 - DiffDog® is now integrated into Windows Explorer, making it a more convenient tool for every day file comparisons. Users can now select two files or file folders while navigating with Windows Explorer to immediately launch a DiffDog diff/merge comparison, saving multiple separate navigation steps. DiffDog also is available in a 64-bit version allowing users to compare much larger files than with the 32-bit version.

-- SchemaAgent 2010r2 - With the release of v2010r2, SchemaAgent® now supports WSDL 2.0, adding to previous support for WSDL 1.1. This new support enables users to visualize and graphically manage the relationships between WSDL files of either version in SchemaAgent's graphical user interface.

A complete list of all the new features added in the Altova MissionKit 2010r2 is available at:

Release 2 of Altova Version 2010 products is a free update for any customer with an active Support and Maintenance Package (SMP). Altova SMP provides priority technical support as well as free updates to minor and major software versions released during the customer's support period.

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Availability and Pricing

Version 2010 Release 2 of the Altova product line is available for purchase in the Altova Online Shop: with prices starting at $59 (USD) per product. For optimum savings, customers can choose the Altova MissionKit, which includes up to eight Altova products for less than the price of two**. Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with all software purchases. Learn more at:

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Note to Editors:

*Performance when working with very large files is dependent on available memory (to avoid swapping). Performance results based on Altova internal tests conducted on typical selection of larger XML files comparing Altova Version 2010 Release 2 products to prior versions of Altova software. Users' actual results may vary.

**Pricing comparison is edition-specific and based on Altova MissionKit vs. two individual licenses of XMLSpy and MapForce.

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