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March 31, 2010 08:00 ET

American Institute of Physics (AIP) Utilizes Mark Logic to Launch Publishing Platform, Scitation C3

SAN CARLOS, CA--(Marketwire - March 31, 2010) -  Mark Logic® Corporation, a leading provider of information infrastructure software, today announced that the American Institute of Physics (AIP), a non-profit scholarly publisher, used MarkLogic Server to build its next-generation platform for hosting online publications, Scitation C³. AIP has moved its 12 archival journals to the MarkLogic-based Scitation C³ platform, which hosts 2,000,000 articles from more than 200 science-related publications. 

By leveraging the power of XML to slice, dice, and repurpose content, Scitation C³ significantly reduces the time for search and discovery. The platform boasts a new object browser that allows subscribers to see tables, figures, and other valuable information within an article from the abstract view. This helps physics researchers easily navigate rich content and find relevant information more quickly.

"Representative of a new class of information application, C³ is the result of AIP's work to create a flexible framework to deliver content to researchers in a more efficient way. We are pleased to offer new features like faster search and more refined results to help our busy users maximize their time on the site," said Paul DeCillis, director of online publishing, AIP. "Without an extraordinary product like MarkLogic Server, we would not have been able to deliver such a rich feature set in such a short period of time."

AIP selected MarkLogic Server for its next-generation publishing platform because traditional relational database and search engines did not provide the agility required to create this customized information product. MarkLogic enabled AIP to re-use content from multiple assets to offer both publishers and end users multi-channel delivery options for content and services, allowing them to be well positioned to take advantage of future publishing opportunities.

"Mark Logic's infrastructure software is ideal for products like C³ because it allows users to quickly find specific information in large collections of assets," said Tracy Eiler, vice president of marketing, Mark Logic Corporation. "Today's information applications need to do more than point to a document. By driving access to high value information and retrieving relevant content quickly, AIP offers users a more compelling and personal experience."

Other Scitation C³ features include full-article HTML rendering, improved visual presentation of inline math, and in-context links to references, figures, and tables. AIP now offers "Smart ToCs" that allow users to further customize listings with abstract previews and the ability to hide non-relevant content. AIP has also added more search options and controls to explore content based on article type, topic, author, keyword, PACS, journal, and publication year. In addition, researchers can find information faster by highlighting a term within an article to produce a list of related content.

About the American Institute of Physics
The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a federation of 10 physical science societies representing more than 135,000 scientists, engineers, and educators and is one of the world's largest publishers of scientific information in the physical sciences. Offering partnership solutions for scientific societies and for similar organizations in science and engineering, AIP is a leader in the field of electronic publishing of scholarly journals. AIP publishes 12 journals (some of which are the most highly cited in their respective fields), two magazines, including its flagship publication Physics Today; and the AIP Conference Proceedings series. Its online publishing platform Scitation hosts nearly two million articles from more than 200 scholarly journals and other publications of 28 learned society publishers.

About Mark Logic Corporation
Mark Logic Corporation is a leading provider of information infrastructure software, serving industries including media, government, financial services, and others. The company's flagship product, MarkLogic Server, is used by customers to enable a wide variety of information applications including custom publishing, search-based applications, content analytics, unified information access, metadata catalogs, and threat intelligence systems. MarkLogic Server is based on patented innovations and provides state-of-the-art features including location awareness, real-time search, and a shared-nothing cluster architecture that supports high performance against petabyte-scale databases. Mark Logic is headquartered in San Carlos, California with field offices in New York, Washington, London, Boston, Austin, and Frankfurt. The company is privately held with investors Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital. For more information, to download a trial version, or to read the award-winning Kellblog, written by Mark Logic CEO Dave Kellogg, go to

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