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May 05, 2010 12:09 ET

American Pulse™: Three-Fourths Living a Simpler Life Because of Recession; Paying Bills on Time the New "Luxury"

Key Findings on Immigration, Concerns About Healthcare and Violence in the U.S

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - May 5, 2010) - 74.1% of Americans say they are living a simpler life -- spending less, being more frugal, not trying to keep up with the Joneses -- as a result of the recession, according to the latest American Pulse™ survey of 5,079 Americans. And almost half (45.2%) say they are happier because of it (39.4% say they aren't; 15.3% aren't sure).

Further, 84.1% say that compared to a year ago, they are not ready to spend on luxury items (10.3% say they are). This isn't surprising when you consider that more than one third of Americans say paying bills on time is a luxury. One possible reason Americans feel this way is that 70% say they aren't better off financially since President Obama took office.

Given the current economic situation, what does "luxury" mean to you? (Adults 18+)

Being able to pay my bills on time 36.2%
Making a purchase at a discount store outside of the necessities 16.3%
Making a purchase at a department store rather than a discount store 17.9%
Making a purchase at a high-end retailer rather than a department store 29.6%

Source: American Pulse™, April-2010

Complimentary report:

Key findings:

  • 55.5% think the immigration law in Arizona is necessary... 19.2% say it's racial profiling.
  • Americans are split on a "path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants... 40.8% think it's good for those who meet certain criteria; 41.8% think they should be deported.
  • 52.9% say deporting illegal immigrants would help lower unemployment rate (v. 29% who don't) and 63.8% believe amnesty for illegal immigrants would increase healthcare costs (v. 16.4% who don't).
  • 53.8% say cost of insurance going up worries them most when it comes to healthcare reform... 21.4% are more concerned about shortage of doctors (24.8% say reform as enacted is good for everyone).
  • 54.1% are somewhat/very concerned about violence in the U.S. due to bitter divide on issues such as healthcare, immigration, etc.

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