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September 25, 2006 11:00 ET

Analog Cameras Become Intelligent Analytic Tools With Eptascape MPEG-7 Object Based Video Monitoring and Real-Time, Event-Driven Analytics

ASIS Booth #364: ADS-100 Converts Analog Surveillance Cameras to Intelligent Analytics -- Leader/Follower PTZ Tracking, Automated Event Detection, Unlimited Behaviors, XML Output -- $1,800 Dealer Price

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 25, 2006 -- Eptascape, leader in application of MPEG 7 video analytics technology, will demonstrate the ADS-100 -- embedded, plug-and-play, MPEG-7 based video surveillance, with real-time analysis and event detection. Designed to adapt any existing CCTV camera to perform event based surveillance and real-time analytics, while masking subjects' identities to affect a revolutionary focus on aberrant behaviors, the Eptascape ADS-100 re-invents analog video surveillance and addresses public privacy issues.

Eptascape's MPEG-7 technology moves the surveillance industry from pixel based video to content based video where objects, events and anomalies are extracted from any scene, generating XML annotations in real time. Security monitoring becomes focused on salient events rather than across a scene. Automating video surveillance eliminates time consuming, daunting tasks like assessing activity on multiple monitors, browsing video, and applying only subjective human judgment. Security is raised by minimizing human bias and focusing attention precisely on suspicious events -- trespassing, tailgating, abandoned object, removed object, direction flow, loitering, or crowd formation.

An open system based on established standards, the ADS-100 is quickly and easily integrated with commercial databases, rule-based decision systems, and custom-made software. Eptascape technology is infinitely scaleable and cost effective, allowing multiple events with multiple schedules to operate on a single camera or across a network of cameras. Leader/follower enables a fixed camera to control other cameras, tracking moving targets exhibiting certain behaviors at high resolution, applying appropriate pan/tilt/zoom in real time; cross-camera tracking enables target hand-off from camera to camera without overlapping fields of view.

MPEG-7 meta-data annotations can be used in criminal investigations to index video in an XML database for further search and retrieval using templates or other textual descriptions of objects of interest for easy extraction of events or people of interest.

Eptascape's ADS-100 (4.5 inches square) ships at $1800 dealer cost per camera adaptation, including event management software.

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Eptascape designs and markets video analysis and behavior recognition products that enable cost-effective CCTV systems used today to monitor secure locations. Eptascape markets its products and consulting services to the security industry world-wide. Founded in 2005, Eptascape is privately held and based in Palo Alto, California.

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