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October 30, 2007 09:45 ET

Andiamo Systems Announces Launch of On-Demand Software for Affordable Word-of-Mouth Measurement and Brand Monitoring

First-Mover Product for Small-Midsize Businesses Tracks What Consumers Talk About Online With Brands and Competitors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - Andiamo Systems today announced the launch of its on-demand word-of-mouth measurement and brand monitoring application that enables marketers to identify and act on online consumer sentiment. CMOs, brand managers, marketing executives and sales people use Andiamo Systems' technology to track their level of market awareness, gain competitive intelligence, determine and engage with the biggest Influencers of brand perception and purchase intent, position their products more effectively, and manage reputation issues.

"Marketers today are aware that consumers are in control of -- and actively driving -- brand perception, purchase intent and even market value," said John Hingley, Andiamo Systems Founder & CEO. "Until now, businesses and their agencies have had no self-service, automated and affordable way to monitor, measure and take action on consumer sentiment across these media channels.

Andiamo Systems' S-a-a-S (Software as a Service) application actively collects, processes and analyzes online social media data from blogs, message boards, forums, social networks like MySpace and mainstream media including news sites and trade publications. The breadth of sources ensures a holistic view of word-of-mouth activity across the spectrum of online media.

This information is delivered continuously to Andiamo Systems' clients via an intuitive suite of reports than can be accessed 24x7 from the Andiamo Systems' website. The reports range from intuitive high-level reports, all the way to complete drill-down on the individual blog or article text. The reports can also be downloaded to XLS, TXT or XML.

The easy-to-understand reporting suite includes a dashboard showing word of mouth trending, consumer sentiment, share of voice, and 5-point ratings for each article based on its relevance to the brand, It also reports the audience size of the site, the authority of the author or site, and the degree of positive or negative opinion of the article toward the brands being tracked.

"Having all this intelligence at my fingertips is very powerful," says Matt Wood, Vice President of Retail Operations for Icon Estates, the luxury wine group for Constellation Brands. "The ability to keep my finger on the pulse of consumer opinions about my brands as well my competition allows me to create more relevant marketing strategy, pinpoint online ad placement and 'peek in' to what my competitors are doing."

Signing up for the Andiamo Systems service is simple and risk-free. The 14-day free trial takes just a few minutes to complete. Marketers simply create an account, input the brands they wish to monitor and enter their billing information. An Andiamo Systems' representative reviews the campaign, contacts the customer to confirm the settings and within 24 hours live reports are available. Customers can add or delete brands any time.

In just a short time period, Andiamo Systems has already attracted dozens of clients including NetBooks, Robert Mondavi Winery, Sweettree Assisted Living, eWinery Solutions and VerticalResponse, a leading email service provider.

The introductory price for the service is $275 per month to monitor and measure up to six brands. The first 200 clients will receive this preferred pricing into mid 2008. Base pricing will continue to be affordably priced for the SMB market.

"By developing advanced technology and algorithms over the past 18 months, we are able to offer an extremely valuable service at prices that are affordable for brands and budgets of all sizes. We are focused on serving the enormous SMB since many can't afford the expensive enterprise solutions that are prevalent in the market today," says Hingley. "We hope our clients use the savings to develop more relevant positioning, marketing messaging and products."

The company utilizes a level of human review in the analysis and reporting -- even with the advances in clustering, data mining and sentiment analysis -- due to the vast amounts of unstructured conversational data. Hingley is adamant the ability to deliver accurate, relevant information hinges on technology as well as people.

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