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Thingamablog blogging software

December 01, 2009 18:17 ET

Announcing Thingamablog: Easy to Use Desktop Blogging Software

Thingamablog Blogging Software Officially Released This Week, Offering Bloggers a Free No-Nonsense Solution to Blog From Their Desktop Without Third Party Blogging Company or Database

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2009) - Thingamablog is a unique kind of standalone blog software that allows bloggers to create blogs on their desktop, and with the click of a button, upload the blog or updates to the web. The beauty is that it requires very little technical savvy, and it does not require the knowledge of PHP, MySQL or requiring any specific operating system. The blogging application interface is ultra easy to use, lightning fast as it resides on your computer, and includes every popular blogging feature a user might need, from categories to customized tags.

A one of a kind free blogging tool, Thingamablog ( allows its users to create, manage, and run a blog by generating static pages locally on their own computer. This means it does not rely on any third party services such as Blogspot or Wordpress, nor does it require any sort of MySQL database, server-side scripts or any other sort of complicated, advanced user knowledge. All a user needs is a place to host their site. You remain in 100% control of your content, with the backup living on your own server. Because the blogging software is written in Java, it is possible to use this application whether the user's PC is running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

The project was originally started in 2004, created by Bob Tantlinger. Since then, it has seen a few upgrades and functionality changes. After going cold for some time in 2007, an avid user approached Bob about reviving the project and giving everyone a chance to get their hands on Thingamablog, "Because Everyone has Something to Say," as proudly displayed on the project homepage. Thingamablog is available free to all users with a simple download.

Thingamablog is completely self contained on your computer or server. Unlike most other blogging software, static web pages are published via FTP access to the blogger's web server. All categories, tags, titles, dates, formatting, and design is done on your PC, and uploaded to the web, without the need for complicated database facilities.

Because you can maintain multiple blogs at a time, Thingamablog is well suited to businesses or individuals managing a multitude of blogs. Other must-have blogging features include the ability to create layouts and use custom template tags that avoid repetitive input. Further, Thingamablog has an integrated feed reader that can be used to import entries from other websites via RSS feeds or Atom feeds. Likewise, once entries are posted, they may be syndicated via RSS or Atom feeds to other web pages, as well as to ping blog search engines.

Key Features include:

--  Set up a blog in minutes via an intuitive wizard
--  Maintain multiple blogs
--  Effortlessly manage thousands of entries
--  Dynamically update blog content
--  Write entries offline
--  Publish your blog with a single click
--  Publish remotely to your blog via email
--  Read news with an integrated feed reader
--  Make posts from your favorite feeds
--  Create a unique layout with customizable templates
--  Import entries from RSS/Atom feeds
--  Set up flexible archiving options
--  Organize your entries by category or date
--  Save entries as drafts
--  Define your own custom template tags
--  Syndicate your blog via an RSS or Atom feed
--  Ping services like, BlogRolling, and

For additional information on Thingamablog, visit their website at

Thingamablog has a very helpful forum community and the forums are home to answers to various questions, shared templates for blog layouts and general discussion. The author can be reached directly by using a form under "Contact" and will be pleased to answer any questions.

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