December 21, 2007 04:39 ET

Appointments at Fortis Bank

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - December 21, 2007) -

New Chairman and strengthened governing body for banking activities

Fortis has recomposed the Management Committee of Fortis Bank, which oversees the worldwide banking activities of Fortis, and is pleased to announce the appointment of Filip Dierckx as new Chairman of this Management Committee. Filip Dierckx succeeds Herman Verwilst, who has held this position since Fortis Bank was established and who, as previously announced, will succeed Jean-Paul Votron as Chairman of the Fortis Bank Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of Fortis Bank is responsible for setting general policy for the banking activities.

In order to streamline the global banking operations and to be able to respond swiftly to new developments, the Fortis Bank Management Committee is now composed of people directly responsible for businesses and support services. The members of the Management Committee are:

Filip Dierckx*, Chairman
Camille Fohl*, CEO Retail Banking
Lex Kloosterman*, CEO Asset Management & Private Banking

Brigitte Boone, CEO Commercial & Investment Banking
Fred Bos, Chief Risk Officer
Michel Deboeck, Chief Human Resources Officer
Frans van Lanschot, CEO Specialised Finance
Lars Machenil, CFO
Lieve Mostrey, COO
Robert Scharfe, CEO Markets
Peter Vandekerckhove, CEO Retail Banking Belgium
Chris Vogelzang, CEO Private Banking

The Secretary General of the Fortis Bank Management Committee is Christian Van der Stichele.

These appointments have been approved by the Fortis Bank Board of Directors, the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of the Bank and the Belgian regulatory authorities. They will take effect on 1 January 2008.

*Member of the Fortis Group Executive Committee

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