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September 30, 2008 08:58 ET

Aptilo WiMAX Solutions Now Interoperable With Aricent ASN Gateway

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 30, 2008) - WIMAX WORLD 2008 -- Aptilo Networks, the global leader in pre-integrated solutions for Service Management and Access Control for wireless networks including WiMAX™, wireless mesh and Wi-Fi hotspots, announced today that the Aptilo WiMAX CSN System™ has demonstrated full interoperability with the Access Service Network (ASN) gateway solution from Aricent, a global innovation, technology and outsourcing company focused exclusively on the communications industry. By successfully completing interoperability testing, Aptilo demonstrates that the company's WiMAX CSN system works seamlessly with ASN gateways from vendors that utilize Aricent's WiMAX technology.

Aricent currently works with more than 550 customers worldwide, acting as a strategic supplier to the world's foremost infrastructure, device, application and service providers in the communications industry.

The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System is the market's first pre-integrated wireless broadband data and voice services solution for standards compliant mobile WiMAX authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA); policy management and service control. It is a flexible, multi-access (WiMAX/Wi-Fi) platform for service providers to deliver on revenue objectives and meet their time-to-market deadlines, while requiring minimal integration.

"Demonstrating interoperability with Aricent makes Aptilo's WiMAX CSN System available as a seamless, fully interoperable solution for Aricent's broad customer base," said Torbjorn Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Aptilo Networks. "The Aptilo pre-integrated WiMAX CSN System together with the verified interoperability with the Aricent ASN gateway technology is an extremely cost-effective solution for service providers as it reduces the time it takes to complete installation. It is also scalable and can grow easily as the WiMAX network expands or increases in users."

Pre-Integrated WiMAX Solution

Aptilo's CSN system has most typical CSN subsystems already integrated into the platform, prior to deployment. Traditional CSN architecture is comprised of numerous subsystems for functions including AAA, DHCP, prepaid billing, provisioning, customer portal, policy management, captive portal, customer care, service portal and more. These subsystems frequently come from different vendors, meaning that operators must invest significant time and money in the procurement and deployment of the network, as well as for ongoing maintenance. By pre-integrating multiple subsystems, Aptilo's CSN System speeds time-to-market and reduces costs in procurement, integration and overall maintenance.

"We are delighted to add Aptilo to our WiMAX ecosystem. This is a significant step forward for Aricent, and we are confident that this joint interoperability testing initiative provides genuine benefits for our WiMAX equipment customers and network operators," said Sajal Gupta, Vice President of Products, Aricent.

Multi-Access (WiMAX/Wi-Fi) Platform

The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System can be used for networks utilizing both WiMAX and Wi-Fi access. The unique multi-access support allows for management of services provided over WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks from within the same platform.

Field-Proven Technology

The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System is based on the field-proven, feature-rich and highly scalable Aptilo Service Management Platform™ and works hand-in-hand with the Aptilo Service Portal™.

It delivers a highly flexible and versatile AAA, policy management and service control solution for Mobile WiMAX and Wi-Fi network services, with billing control and support for prepaid data and Voice over IP (VoIP) services. The integrated data and voice services solution provides authentication, authorization and accounting through multiple authentication types and enforces Quality of Service (QoS) through service flow profile parameters for users, devices and services.

Intelligent AAA Proxy functionality in the Aptilo WiMAX CSN System allows service providers to manage interactions with multiple external AAA servers and roaming partners while a large multitude of service offerings and combinations of time-, volume- and price-based subscriber accounts cover required business models.

The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System is fully interoperable with WiMAX-compliant clients and Access Service Network (ASN) nodes such as WiMAX 802.16-2005 based Base Stations, Access Services Network (ASN) Gateways and Mobile IP Home Agents (HA) through standards interfaces defined by The WiMAX Forum®.

The Mobile WiMAX AAA and Service Flow capabilities effectively serve smaller installations with only a few thousand users up to large carrier networks. In addition to important pre-integrated functionality for fast and reliable time-to-market, there is a fully flexible modularity and many native interfaces to integrate with additional external functions of choice.

Scalability and Reliability

The Aptilo WiMAX CSN System is designed to easily increase capacity, growing as needed with the expansion of the WiMAX network. It can be utilized either via software licenses or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), with Aptilo hosting the WiMAX CSN System at one of the company's Network Operations Centers (NOCs).

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option is ideal for service providers looking for a rapid deployment; it also allows for little-to-no system maintenance by the customer's operational staff, since Aptilo handles all system administration allowing the customer to concentrate on management of the broadband service. Additionally, service providers can choose to start with SaaS and then shift to their own operation at a later date. For operators that want to trial a more comprehensive end-to-end WiMAX service environment, Aptilo Networks can offer the Aptilo WiMAX CSN TrialPack™ as a valuable add-on to a radio network trial.

This flexibility offers service providers a cost effective approach that can support rapid WiMAX network installations and/or expansions, and makes Aptilo ideal for growing businesses, large enterprises and emerging market deployments.

For more information, visit Aptilo Networks at WiMAX World 2008 Chicago in booth #435.

About Aptilo Networks

Aptilo Networks offers a comprehensive wireless service management platform designed for service providers, enterprises and municipalities needing a rapidly deployable, scalable multiservice solution to easily manage data and voice services over WiMAX, wireless mesh and Wi-Fi networks.

From smaller initial installations up to large carrier networks, Aptilo's cost-efficient solution for wireless service management and delivery provides a rapid time to market while flexibly supporting future network and service expansion.

Selected by premier technology partners such as Nortel, Cisco and HP, Aptilo has become a global leader and the provider of choice enabling service providers, businesses and governments to rapidly manage and deliver highly secure voice and data services in public, semi-public and private wireless access zones in more than 40 countries worldwide. Aptilo Networks is headquartered in Stockholm, with regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Plano, Texas. For more information, please visit

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