SOURCE: Aptus Communications Inc.

September 24, 2006 00:41 ET

Aptus Communications Introduces Easy-to-Use Software for People Who Want to Build a Strong Investment Portfolio but Can't Get Started

QUALICUM BEACH, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 24, 2006 -- Investment experts know that the secret to constructing a profitable portfolio lies in having a logical plan.

Unfortunately most investors create their portfolios based on emotions such as fear and greed. They buy when prices are high and sell in a panic when prices drop. That's not the way to make money in the stock market. Rather, investors need to cast aside their emotions, find a good investment plan and stick with it day in and day out.

"It's long been known that more than 80% of actively managed mutual funds under-perform the markets," said Mark Hing, President of Aptus Communications. "Yet investors continue to pour billions of dollars into funds each year because they fall for the constant advertising mantra created by Wall Street -- advertising that tells them they can't invest by themselves."

That's completely untrue. The fact is that the safest and most effective way to build wealth is by investing in value over time. That's how Benjamin Graham, David Dodd and Warren Buffett built their vast fortunes in the stock market.

And the Value Stock Selector software makes it easy to find Value stocks for yourself.

"When you find companies that have the best chance of being successful in the long-term, you'll have a list of stocks that are poised to go up in the future," Hing said. "And you find those companies by examining their financial statements and using proven algorithms to rate them."

That's exactly what the Value Stock Selector software does. Using your PC and an Internet connection, it combs through thousands of online financial statements to uncover only the very best candidates. And it does it all automatically with just one mouse click.

"It's so easy-to-learn that most investors start using it in about 3 minutes," said Hing. "It eliminates the drudgery usually required when investing correctly and helps people make money with a minimum of effort and risk."

The Value Stock Selector is available for immediate download at The price is just $49.

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