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September 27, 2007 08:00 ET

Aquentium Announces Agreement for Gold and Uranium Exploration and Mining

PALM SPRINGS, CA--(Marketwire - September 27, 2007) - Aquentium, Inc. (OTCBB: AQNM) announced today that the company has signed a joint venture agreement with Mootah Energetic Pty. Ltd. for the exploration and mining of Gold and Uranium in the Country of Botswana.

Under terms of the agreement, Aquentium, Inc. and Mootah Energetic Pty. Ltd. have the exclusive rights to prospect for Gold and Uranium for an initial period of three years. The mining concession was granted by the Minister of Minerals, Energy, and Water Resources of Botswana and covers an area that is five hundred seventy two point six square kilometers (572.6 km2) located in Southern Botswana.

"Gold is currently trading at over $700 per ounce and Uranium spot prices are currently trading at $85 a pound, which is almost a 10 ten fold increase in five years. I believe Uranium prices could climb sharply higher as governments embrace atomic energy despite dwindling supplies to power their reactors," stated Aquentium President Mark Taggatz.

The uranium mining resurgence is being triggered by skyrocketing prices brought on by soaring worldwide demand for uranium for the production of clean energy. Currently in the United States, 103 nuclear reactors in 31 states provide clean electrical power to one of every five homes and businesses.

"There are 442 operational nuclear power reactors throughout the world, with high demand for uranium fuel. Additionally, 130-160 new nuclear power reactors are either planned or under construction," added Taggatz.

With the world primed for an impending nuclear renaissance, experts are forecasting that uranium prices may surge another $90, peaking at $170 or even a staggering $200 per pound. This would be well above even the 1970s inflation-adjusted high of $120/lb, when atomic energy was last in vogue.

Years of under-investment in uranium mining caused by moribund prices and the anti-nuclear lobby has left the world short of uranium to fuel nuclear reactors. But governments in Europe, United States, Russia and China and even environmental groups, are currently warming to nuclear power because it produces significantly less greenhouse gases than conventional fossil fuels, according to the World Nuclear Association.

The price spike in mined uranium is attributable to a shrinking supply of yellowcake as European and Asian countries switch to nuclear reactors for power generation in the face of rising oil prices and global warming.

One of the world's most concentrated energy sources, a single pound of yellowcake, or U308, is equivalent to 31 barrels of oil or 10 tons of coal. A typical pellet of uranium weighs 7 grams (0.24 ounces), and can generate as much energy as 3.5 barrels of oil, 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas or 1,780 pounds of coal. This makes it a clean and efficient source of natural energy.

One of the primary conventional resources of uranium is yellowcake. This is milled uranium oxide, known to chemists as U308. When uranium ore is sourced from the mine, it contains relatively little of the radioactive element, often no more than one per cent (1%). The yellowcake is put through several milling processes and eventually turned into fuel rods, which are utilized in nuclear power plants to produce electricity without any greenhouse gases.

World demand for uranium will be 185 million pounds in 2013, estimates the Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington. But supply likely will be significantly lower, at about 130 million pounds.

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