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October 30, 2007 10:58 ET

Archer Technologies Releases Version 4.0 of the Award-Winning Archer SmartSuite Framework

Release Allows Customers to Implement a Best-in-Class Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Program

OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - Archer Technologies (Archer), a leading provider of automated enterprise risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the release of the Archer SmartSuite Framework version 4.0. This new release allows Archer clients to take a centralized, automated and proactive approach to assessing risk and validating compliance across the enterprise. Driven entirely by the requirements of Fortune 1000 clients in highly regulated industries, Archer's enhanced Framework supports the most powerful enterprise risk and compliance management functionality on the market today.

"By listening to our requirements and delivering on our needs, the Archer team has continued to be a trusted business partner," said Bruce Bonsall, vice president and chief information security officer for MassMutual. "We were one of many clients that Archer worked with to create version 4.0 of the Archer SmartSuite Framework, and we are eager to further enhance our risk and compliance processes using Archer's new risk management capabilities."

Archer developed its vision for the Archer SmartSuite Framework 4.0 after interviewing more than 50 clients in Fortune 1000 companies to determine trends and challenges in their risk and compliance management programs. By listening closely to client needs and investing more than 80,000 hours in engineering and quality assurance effort, Archer has delivered the most comprehensive, feature-rich release in the company's history.

Risk Management Capabilities

With a focus on automated, targeted risk assessment functionality, the Archer SmartSuite Framework 4.0 supports the following:

      Assessment Automation - Within minutes, risk managers can build
      dynamic questionnaires and deliver them online through targeted
      assessment campaigns. Archer provides a Question Library so clients
      can easily import Archer question packs or their existing
      questionnaires for use in future assessment periods. Using Archer's
      automated scoring and findings generation features, companies can
      rapidly determine areas of inherent risk and address issues of

      "Ask Once, Answer Many" Approach - Archer's "ask once, answer many"
      capabilities allow clients to link a question to multiple
      authoritative sources and use the answers to that question to show
      compliance with all pertinent regulations, greatly reducing
      duplication of effort in the assessment process.

      Clear Reporting - Archer provides a rollup view of assessments,
      remediation tasks and the organization's inherent and residual risk.
      Through powerful executive dashboards, clients gain a consolidated
      view of this information with the ability to drill down for more
      details with a simple click of the mouse. Organizations can also
      monitor risk and compliance trends over time.

      Total Flexibility - Archer clients have full control over the user
      interface, workflow processes, question scoring, task management
      and more. Because Archer does not attempt to impose a specific risk
      management methodology, clients are free to define their own
      processes and use the Archer SmartSuite Framework 4.0 to implement
      them in a consistent, measurable and repeatable manner.

"Highly regulated companies are drowning in a flood of external and internal assessments, audit requests and vendor risk management initiatives. These efforts are time-consuming, costly and often redundant," said Andrew Jaquith, senior analyst with the Yankee Group. "Tools like Archer Risk Management can help enterprises organize and manage their risk assessments in a coherent way, and can impart a global view of their internal and external risk exposures. Archer's latest release sets a high bar for risk and compliance management vendors."

Comprehensive Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management

The new enhancements to the Archer SmartSuite Framework allow Archer to deliver the most flexible, comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management solution set on the market. Archer's Risk Management capabilities are available to clients who license the Archer Risk, Vendor or Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Management solution, enabling users to build and deliver assessments of any type, including those specific to vendor relationships and Sarbanes-Oxley controls. Because these solutions are tightly integrated with Archer's Policy, Asset, Threat and Incident Management solutions, clients can:

--  Easily link questions to authoritative sources, control standards and
    corporate policies to measure and report compliance
--  Launch online assessment campaigns against business processes,
    applications, devices and facilities that support the organization's
    delivery of products and services
--  Prioritize threat and incident management activities for high-risk
    areas of the business
--  Provide their governance board and executive team with a current,
    holistic view of the organization's risk and compliance profile to support
    informed decisions

"As we worked closely with our clients to understand and address their risk management needs, we heard a common request -- the ability to ask a question once and use the answer to show compliance with multiple regulations. Our clients also want a platform that allows them to perform any type of assessment within their organization," said Jon Darbyshire, president and CEO or Archer Technologies. "Rather than imposing a specific risk management methodology on our clients, we allow them to define their own program, and we provide the platform to implement that program in a consistent, measurable and repeatable manner. With version 4.0 of the Archer SmartSuite Framework, we have delivered our most comprehensive release to date, field-tested by Archer's Fortune 1000 clients in global environments."

Rapid Application Development

All Archer enterprise risk and compliance solutions are built on version 4.0 of the Archer SmartSuite Framework, empowering clients to easily tailor the solutions to their unique requirements or accelerate the deployment of custom applications to solve business problems. Archer clients have built nearly 800 custom applications on the Archer SmartSuite Framework to automate processes such as project management, issue tracking and business continuity planning. Version 4.0 provides advanced tools for managing tasks, creating powerful executive dashboards, dynamically tailoring the user interface and managing data across multiple business units.

Webcast and Video Demonstrations

--  Archer will host a webcast on November 2 at 11 a.m. Central time,
    featuring a presentation by CEO Jon Darbyshire on Archer's latest release
    and corporate vision. Participants may register at
--  An online interactive video demonstration is also available at

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